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Adrenal Glandular Support Supplements

If you constantly wake up tired, have difficulty getting out of your bed each morning, need excessive amounts of caffeine to normally function throughout the day, become progressively tired in the afternoon, experience depression, crave salty or fatty foods, have low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, along with multiple allergies and food sensitivities, frequently suffer from respiratory diseases and infections, struggle with impaired or reduced sex drive, get lightheaded when you stand up, keep forgetting things, easily gain weight around the waist and have a hard time losing it afterwards, constantly switch between diarrhea and constipation, or experience hair loss or anxiousness, you may be suffering from adrenal burnout and be prone to eventually developing a condition known as "Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome."

Stress can be a factor in developing adrenal fatigue, which is a result of weakened adrenal glands, along with other triggers, including constant feelings of anger, fear, or guilt, chronic Illnesses, excessive sugar and carbohydrate intake, fasting or low blood sugar, repetitive motion injuries and spinal misalignment, recent surgeries, over-exercising or overworking, toxic exposure, and so on. If you have low sodium/potassium  or sodium/magnesium ratios or high calcium/potassium ratios as determined by HTMA (hair analysis testing), you may benefit from taking one or more of the following supplements offered at Go Healthy Next: