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Applied Mineral Balancing Institute Membership

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Applied Mineral Balancing Institute Membership and App

Complete this Membership Form in order to sign up for membership and take advantage of the soon to be released Applied Mineral Balancing Institute (AMBI) software application! Annual membership to AMBI is free of charge to all new Go Healthy Next hair analysis clients, and all repeat clients will earn a coupon code for free membership after the purchase of their next HTMA retest.

AMBI membership is an amazing value that enables year-long access to an upcoming software application that will mathematically generate hair analysis reports, patterns, recommendations, and more - all based off of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis lab report results.  Using the AMBI app, clients and members will have the chance to track and compare their own nutritional and body mineral balancing program progress over time. The goal of this software application is to help everyone get the most out of every HTMA Body Mineral Balancing program. 

You must be a member of the Applied Mineral Balancing Institute in order to have access to this valuable software application. The expected launch to the general public for membership and use of the AMBI application is June 2018.