Azure Standard Go Healthy Co-Op

Azure Standard Go Healthy Co-Op

Drop # 15875 - Join for Free and Save 

We are an open drop for Route B-1 of Azure Standard (, as long as you join our Facebook Group:

Go Healthy Co-Op (

Azure Standard will email you before delivery, listing the Truck Arrival Time for the Go Healthy drop.  We usually (not 100% guaranteed) post on Facebook to let you know the truck has arrived.

Please be here to help unload the truck and sort boxes on the delivery day and time listed in the Azure Standard email notification (usually 10:30 am).  We only need about 5-6 people to unload and sort the boxes, so get a buddy system with other members to share the responsibility. 

It is simple to start saving. Go to and place your order online and use the Go Healthy Drop Number # 15875 and help sort boxes and pick up your order.

We sort orders alphabetically inside of the big drive through door, starting with the letter A by the front door working the way to the right. 

We don’t have refrigeration so if you order perishables they will be stacked and waiting for you.  If you forget to pick up your order it will be sitting inside.  If you run late once in a while it is no big deal, just remember that we won't be baby sitting your order, and repeated late pick-ups could mean loosing drop privileges.

Be sure and join the Facebook Group: Go Healthy Co-Op ( to see if the delivery truck is running on time.

Order and Delivery Times:

Route B1  

Check the website for the monthly order cutoff and delivery times.


Drop Address:

214 E. Albany Avenue, Building E101

Kennewick, WA 99336

Example Azure Standard Email: