Benefits of Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

Benefits of Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 7th Apr 2017

Benefits of Near Infrared Sauna TherapyMany people over the years have made the switch from the traditional sauna to far infrared due to energy and money savings. However, many nutritional counselors and health experts strongly recommend using a near infrared sauna as part of your Nutritional Balancing Program to enhance detoxification and expedite improved health. The Sauna Fix® from Creatrix Solutions is a powerful near infrared sauna lamp that can be effectively used for this purpose. The near infrared light energy can help promote healing and regenerate the cells, glands, organs and speed muscle recovery after exercise.

A great advantage of near infrared saunas compared to far infrared is that the energy can be concentrated onto specific body parts. The Sauna Fix NIR sauna design, approved by Dr. Laurence Wilson, features four near infrared light sockets grouped in a way that provides a more powerful concentration of near infrared light phototherapy. It is also easy to place specific body parts near the lamp in order to supply even more near infrared energy for the body. 

Near infrared energy has a strong detoxification effect as it has visible radiation in the red, orange, and yellow color range. This stimulates the lower organs of the body, including those which play a role in elimination such as the liver, kidneys, and large intestines.

Another reason that near infrared sauna therapy is a superior choice to far infrared is the EMF levels. EMFs, or electrical frequencies, are constantly surrounding us due to the use of appliances, cellphones, electricity, and WiFi. EMFs disturb the communication between our body's cells and constant exposure to them can increase health issues. Although far infrared saunas do also provide sweating and toxic elimination, they expose the body to higher EMF levels. Near infrared saunas, such as the Sauna Fix, produce much lower EMF levels and are safer. In general, near infrared saunas also use less energy; about a third less electricity than far infrared saunas. This is because they operate at lower temperatures and the lamps are very energy efficient.

Further benefits of a near infrared sauna therapy compared to far infrared include:

  • Blood shunting from side to side
  • Lower ambient air temperatures
  • Even lower purchase prices
  • Improved circulation and repaired body mechanisms. The body's mitochondria produce more energy when near infrared light rays are present. Near infrared rays also increase the body's tissue regenerating genes and stimulate vasodilatation in the microcirculatory system, which results in more blood in the muscles.
  • Increased body temperature. This benefit is further enhanced when the sauna is used in a small enclosure such as a shower or radiant sauna tent. The raise in body temperature can help the body heal, balance the thyroid, and work against candida.
  • A safe and powerful way to detoxify the body. The sweat from near infrared sauna therapy excretes toxins, unlike sweat from exercising, since the body is in its calm, parasympathetic state. 

Extra time is not needed to preheat the Sauna Fix® when in combination with a radiant Sauna Tent. Enjoy extra energy savings by using the sauna lamp and tent together. And for even more near infrared sauna benefits, add the Breathe Safe® sauna ion generator. This device supplies extra oxygen and millions of negative ions, which research has shown greatly benefits sauna therapy. With the Sauna Fix®, it is also easy to convert an existing home sauna into a near infrared sauna type, and gain all the wonderful near infrared sauna therapy advantages. 

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