Converting Your Shower Into A Sauna

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 7th Apr 2017

No room for a sauna enclosure or the money to buy one? Think again. There is a simple inexpensive way to temporarily convert your shower to a sauna enclosure. It only takes minutes to setup and take down, or if you have a second bathroom shower that isn't being used you can simply step in and out of your sauna!

You will need to purchase the Sauna Fix and 2 shower curtain tension rods, a 4' wide roll of Reflectix and a small ball bungee cord. That is it! How simple? A totally affordable and portable near infrared sauna solution that you can use every day!

The first thing to do is watch the " Unpacking your Sauna Fix" video so you can adjust the chains and loop adjusters to hang the Sauna Fix at the correct height. Make sure the top bulb aims on your chest just below your neck. We don't want you baking your brain.

The next thing to do is install both shower curtain tension rods to create the ceiling of the sauna enclosure. Install them as low as possible with one along the wall of your tub/shower and the second one just inside your tub/shower curtain or glass door. Then cut a sheet of Reflectix 4' wide to match the length of your shower. Lay the Reflectix on top of the 2 tension rods and bend the excess down like in the pictures.

Then cut another piece of Reflectix 4' wide by the length of your tub/shower. Roll up this piece of Reflectix and balance on the edge of the tub/shower. Poke a hole through the corner of the ceiling Reflectix panel and the Reflectix roll that will balance on the edge of the tub/shower. Thread the bungee ball through the holes and fasten. For proper alignment see the pictures.

Hang the Sauna Fix on the shower head, place a stool in the tub/shower and you are ready to take your sauna. Climb in and unroll the Reflectix along the tub/shower edge and as you rotate on the stool you will begin to sweat.

Very simple! Customers get creative in converting their showers. One client has a 3' x 3' shower in her spare bathroom so she installed the Sauna Fix higher and stands up during her sauna. Another lives in Israel and installed a more permanent solution in their second bathroom with a wood frame and Reflectix.

To make your sauna session even more powerful, consider integrating ion therapy. Visit this link to learn more about what makes the addition of negative ions so effective.