Hot Yoga at Home: How to Set Up Your Own Private Infrared Studio

Hot Yoga at Home: How to Set Up Your Own Private Infrared Studio

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 17th Dec 2020

Working out at homeAs we all get acclimated to life during a pandemic, one thing many people struggle with is working out at home. Without access to our regular gyms or feeling safe returning to those public spaces, we have to adjust to at-home workouts.

If you want to switch up your at-home workout routine, look no further than hot yoga! It provides immense benefits, including improving flexibility and burning major calories. Or, if you started going to hot yoga classes before the pandemic and are now struggling to keep up that workout routine, let us help you set up your very own hot yoga studio!

But how to do hot yoga at home...

It's even simpler than lifting weights or getting your cardio in, but we'll explain everything you need to know. Here's how you can set up your very own at-home hot yoga studio with a near-infrared sauna tent.

Choosing a Space

Before you look for your own near-infrared sauna, you have to figure out what space would be best to work out in. Several things go into choosing the right space, so make this decision carefully.

Choose a room that has plenty of space for you to set up an infrared sauna tent. It should be large enough so you can move around, stretch, lie down, and meditate inside your sauna. You'll also want enough room so you can comfortably set up and step into, as well as out of, your sauna.

Make space for a sauna

Relaxation and steamy yoga go hand in hand. On that note, make sure the room you choose is also free of clutter and the stress of everyday life. You want your mind to be clear and focused when you start your at-home hot yoga sessions, so we also recommend you place it somewhere quiet and away from any active or noisy parts of your house.

We know not everyone has a room in their house to spare for a permanent set-up, so we make it easy for you to break it down or transport it. Easily to fold up and store away; there's no need to leave the sauna tent out if you don't have space. And at only 69 pounds for our Near-Infrared Hot Yoga Studio, you'll have no problem bringing it out or storing it away on your own.

Using Near-Infrared Light

Without the heat, hot yoga is just, well, yoga, which in itself is excellent! However, the benefits of hot yoga are undeniable and often make the experience even more enjoyable. You want to sweat!

Infrared heaters are always the best option for hot yoga. Our near-infrared lights come in our sauna bundles and with the purchase of sauna lamps.

Depending on if you're doing Vinyasa or Bikram, hot yoga will determine how warm you'll need to be as well. Bikram hot yoga requires your room to be around 105 degrees, which is no problem for our special near-infrared sauna lamps. A perk of using an at-home sauna is that the enclosed space heats up quickly, which means you're left with more time to practice your yoga.

Vinyasa yoga is usually performed at around 90 degrees. Reaching this temperature is even easier when using our sauna bulbs. They emit red light, near-infrared, mid-infrared, and far-infrared light rays. However, the near-infrared is what will allow your body to burn calories.

Trapping the Heat

Hot yoga in a sauna

The key to hot yoga is trapping the heat. Thankfully, our tents effectively trap and retain heat. And with our tents made from non-toxic materials, you don't have to be concerned about outgasses or chemicals building up inside while you get your sweat on.

Our sauna tents are the perfect size for stretches and meditation, without the stress or worry about letting heat escape. Traditional hot yoga requires an entire room to pre-heat up, which can be a killer on your electric bill. You shouldn't be concerned about the cost of hot yoga or letting that precious heat escape.

Fitted with zipper closure, our tents retain 95% of the heat our sauna lamps emit, and our radiant tent fabric holds it in so you can be confident you're receiving all of the benefits from your infrared light therapy.

Doing Hot Yoga at Home

It can seem intimidating trying to recreate your yoga studio at home, but hot yoga at home has never been more accessible. Give yourself a reason to get back on that mat and create your own hot and steamy yoga session! The ease of setting up our Hot Yoga & Exercise Tent will give you no more excuses for not starting your workout.

We all struggle to find the motivation to get our bodies back in motion, but don't use the pandemic as an excuse! All you need is one of our sauna bundles, which include everything you need to get started—no need to buy separate equipment. We've already done it for you! By the time you're back in hot yoga classes, you'll be a seasoned pro.

And dedicating a space like our sauna tents to your workouts will not only encourage you to work harder, but you'll want to work out more often as well. Breaking a good sweat is what it's all about, and the convenience of these tents will ensure you're always motivated to work out!

If you're practicing hot yoga at home, our sauna tents or infrared lights are the best way to get you started. You can also find more tips to do hot yoga at home for beginners on our blog!