How to Use the Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna Lamp

How to Use the Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna Lamp

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 7th Apr 2017

Sauna Fix Near Infrared sauna lamps

Using the Sauna Fix near infrared sauna lamp at home daily will help to reduce toxins and eliminate chronic infections in your body. In fact, the use of a near infrared (NIR) sauna lamp for home sauna therapy produces many positive health benefits, but how do you get started with your first NIR sauna session? 

Here are some helpful hints and tips about how to use your Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp and get the most out of near infrared sauna therapy at home:

Before you begin a sauna therapy session:

  • Do not exercise if using the Sauna Fix for detoxification purposes. Physical activity immediately before a sauna session stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and inhibits toxin elimination. If using the Sauna Fix after a workout for faster muscle recovery and Human Growth Hormone production, wait at least 10 minutes after exercising before beginning a sauna session. 
  • Drink 8-16 ounces of spring water
  • Do not apply oils to the skin, and dry skin brushing prior to each sauna session is recommended.
  • Remove clothing or wear as little as possible – let the rays penetrate your skin

During your sauna therapy session:

  • Limit yourself to only 20 minutes to start with, unless you are weak, ill, or heat sensitive – then limit to 15 minutes
  • Wipe sweat from skin with towel every few minutes
  • Rotate body every few minutes to keep blood circulating and allow infrared light to reach all areas
  • Don’t forget to relax! We recommend sauna sessions either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Your session will be most effective during these times as the body is more relaxed.
  • If you like to sauna in the morning, consider drinking a Baja Gold Sea Salt or Healthy Salt Sole water during the session to help alkalize, hydrate and energize your body for the day. 

After your sauna session:

  • Take a warm shower or at least use a warm, wet towel to rinse off toxins
  • When showering, use a natural soap to wash and use as little as possible. 
  • Allow your body to readjust by resting for 10-15 minutes

How to convert your shower into a home sauna

Gradually work up to increasing the length of your sessions based on what works for your body. It is important to start slow and not spend too much time right away. 

Exit the sauna if you begin to feel faint, dizzy, you feel your heart racing or the sweating stops. Be sure to read our near infrared sauna safety recommendations before beginning your sauna sessions.

You can get started with a near infrared sauna at home with the purchase of a Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp, or one of the new Ultimate Bundle complete tent sauna systems. 

If you do not own a home sauna room or a sauna tent, we recommend using the Sauna Fix lamp in an enclosed area such a shower.

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