The 7 Best Hot Yoga Poses for Experienced Yogis

The 7 Best Hot Yoga Poses for Experienced Yogis

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 26th Feb 2021

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Many people do regular exercises to improve their physical health. However, many also use it as a way to improve themselves. It can be rewarding to reach a new level of yoga.

Do you think you're ready for advanced yoga poses? In this article, we give you seven of the best hot yoga poses to try. Check out these hot yoga poses for the experienced!

1. Archer's Pose

The archer's pose is one of the best hot yoga poses for stretching the arms and legs. This is also great for lower back pain and spinal nerve compression. The archer's pose is a great pose for improving memory and focus.

The archer pose is otherwise known as the toward-the-ear bow pose. This yoga pose resembles an archer drawing an arrow. This pose teaches you to adjust your breath quality and state of consciousness.

To complete this pose, you need strength and flexibility. Learning the archer's poses helps you develop strength in your torso and arms. It also improves the flexibility of your hips and legs.

Before learning the archer's pose, start with initial poses to stretch out your hips. The Baddha Konasana, Janu Sirsasana, and Marichyasana are great poses to start with.

2. Compass Pose

The compass pose is one of the most advanced hot yoga poses. This yoga pose stretches your lats and obliques to release tension. This leaves many yoga students in a suspended state of bliss.

The compass pose encourages its students to engage their spinal muscles and core. This pose teaches yogis to lift and lengthen their spine instead of using gravity. This pose will also help in opening up the adductors and hamstrings.

Start the compass pose with some initial stretches like the down dog. This allows you to prepare your body for the compass pose.

The Parighasana is a great pose to prepare your body for the side stretch. This helps you reach the approximate shape of the compass. Stretch out your legs forward and backward. When you're ready, you can move on to the compass pose.

Man practices dove pose

3. Dove Pose

The dove pose encourages yoga students to strengthen their shoulders and knees. The dove poses helps to stretch the chest muscles and quadriceps. This allows you to open up and lengthen your torse and build muscles in your legs.

This deep backbend stretch allows you to improve the alignment of your body. Start the dove pose by kneeling on the floor and keep your arms at your sides. Ensure to keep your back straight.

Lean back while keeping your hands on the floor. Keep your fingers inward, then lower your body to the floor while on your elbows. You should end up with your forearm on the floor, fingers facing inward.

Lift your thighs and arch your back. You can start straightening your arms at a gradual pace.

4. Half-Bound Lotus Standing Pose

The half-bound lotus standing pose can benefit hormonal imbalances. This pose stretches out your hamstrings and Achilles' tendon. This pose also helps to open up your hips.

This hot yoga pose can be challenging even for the experienced. If you're a beginner, we recommend you to start with an easier pose. The depth of stability and flexibility required to achieve this pose may be too much for even the pros.

You may need great initial flexibility before starting this pose. Start the half-bound lotus standing pose by standing in a mountain pose. Keep your arms at your sides, then shift your weight to your left foot.

Keep your left foot firm on the ground, then gradually bend your knee towards your chest. With your left hand, hold onto your right foot, then draw your hips forward.

5. Lord of Dancers

The lord of dancers is one of the best hot yoga poses for the experiences. This promotes mental focus and back flexibility. This is also a great pose to open your hips and boost your balance.

If you're aiming to sculpt your calves and arms, the lord of dancers is worth a try. The lord of dancers pose stretches your hip flexors and your thighs. If you often spend time sitting at a table for long hours, this pose helps counteract its effects.

6. One-Legged Wheel Pose

The one-legged wheel pose helps to tone the back, calves, and hips. Doing this pose will promote focus and balance. It can also help to strengthen your ankles, arms, and shoulders.

This pose builds on the original wheel pose. It adds to the challenge by having its students extend one leg in the air. When you achieve its full expression, you can help stretch your entire body.

This pose also strengthens your abdominal muscles. The asymmetry of the pose can help you improve your balance over time. Learning the one-legged wheel pose will take time and patience to build flexibility and strength.

Woman practices pigeon pose

7. Royal Pigeon Pose

Achieving the royal pigeon pose calls for a wide range of motion in your spine and shoulders. Flexibility in your chest and quadriceps are also required to do this pose. If you're a woman looking to conceive, the royal pigeon pose can be beneficial.

This pose can also help you relieve back pain and improve your posture. Initial poses like the supported Matsyasana and the cat pose can help prepare your body. If you have a partner, you can help deepen the pose by having them lift your arms.

Try The Best Hot Yoga Poses Today

Now you know some of the best hot yoga poses for the experienced. From the dove pose to the lord of dancers pose, these poses are great for advanced yogis. If you think you're ready to try out new poses, try these out in our Hot Yoga & Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent.

Yoga is a great way to boost your overall physical and mental health. However, you don't have to stop here. Contact us today to find your healthiest you!