Tri-Oxy REVIVE Precautions and Warnings

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 7th Apr 2017

With the Tri-OxyTM REVIVE there are a few precautions and warnings that are simple yet VERY IMPORTANT.

Never operate the Tri-OXYTM REVIVE without first fully understanding the dangers.


  1. Use prohibited by persons with pacemakers and heart conditions or pregnant women.
  2. The Tri-OxyTM REVIVE can possibly ignite flammable materials and melt artificial fabrics such as pantyhose with certain accessories and settings. Avoid using on any part of the body that has a product or medication containing a large percentage of alcohol or hair spray, otherwise a FIRE COULD IGNITE.
  3. Avoid placing the electrodes on top of your eye lids, and keep your eye closed and use extreme caution while using around the eye area.
  4. Remove all metal objects such as jewelry and watches before use to avoid an extremely intense feeling, even if you are using the electrode on a different location of the body.
  5. NEVER turn on the Tri-OxyTM REVIVE while near water, or if your hands are wet or if the glass probes come into contact with water. Immediately unplug the Tri-OxyTM REVIVE if it gets wet or comes in contact with water, or smells strange, smokes or makes unusual noises.
  6. Always begin by turning the Tri-OxyTM REVIVE to the lowest setting before plugging into an electrical outlet. Before inserting or removing electrodes make sure the Tri-OxyTM REVIVE is off. Then when you have inserted the desired electrode slowly increase the electrical intensity to the desired level. After using the Tri-OxyTM REVIVE, turn to the lowest setting and unplug from the outlet. Then properly store in the box or other safe location to prevent damage and breakage.
  7. Use common sense and start with only a minute per area and avoid holding the electrode in the same position for long periods of time. Each person is different and the relaxation time may vary depending on the electrode and the portion of skin it is touching.

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