Using an Infrared Sauna for Benefits of Hot Yoga vs.. Regular Yoga

Using an Infrared Sauna for Benefits of Hot Yoga vs.. Regular Yoga

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 28th Aug 2020

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Health issues are rampant right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, obesity issues, and the sheer number of people dealing with chronic illnesses and conditions.

Adding healthy practices like hot yoga to your life can make a world of difference. This form of yoga uses infrared sauna technology to take the exercise to the next level.

But what are the benefits of hot yoga vs. regular yoga? Read on to learn how this practice can change your life for the better.

What are the Benefits of Hot Yoga vs Regular Yoga?

Adding infrared heat to yoga causes you to sweat more and makes the practice more grueling. The payoff is worth it due to the sheer benefits you'll experience.

Here are just a few ways that hot yoga is a superior workout:

1. Infrared Technology Heats Your Body's Muscles Optimally

Hot yoga has been around for years and many people swear by it. The main difference between traditional hot yoga and infrared yoga is that the infrared heat activates your muscles on a deeper level.

Infrared technology heats your muscles from the inside-out, which allows your body to absorb it effectively.

2. You Will Improve Your Flexibility to the Fullest

Since the heat relaxes your muscles optimally, you'll find that your body becomes more flexible. By resting in yoga positions that are matched with heat activation, you'll reach levels of flexibility that you otherwise couldn't.

These flexibility improvements help you to feel more comfortable in your skin, and also help with your balance and coordination.

3. It's Excellent For Detoxification

Practicing yoga assists your body's detox process so you can stay healthy and avoid illness. The added sweat gives you the chance to get rid of the toxins that you take in with your diet and everyday environment.

After detox sessions, you'll find that you have more energy in your daily life and overall improved disposition.

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4. Hot Yoga is Excellent for Your Weight Loss Goals

The intensity of hot yoga is excellent for your weight loss goals.

Practicing hot yoga is advantageous, whether you're just trying to cut some weight to trim up for your beach body or you have serious pounds that you need to get rid of. A study of 20 women on bicycles separated them into two groups: one who bicycled under a near-infrared sauna light and one who bicycled without it. Results showed the women who bicycled with the sauna rays shining on them lost 444% more weight and fat than the group who bicycled without the light.

The heat from the sauna also causes your body's cooling system to activate. This cooling system makes you burn calories, which helps you lose weight fast.

5. You Will Have Glowing Skin and Can Enjoy Anti-Aging Benefits

You can tell so much about a person's health when you take a look at their skin. The detoxification properties of hot yoga also cleanse your skin and keep you looking young and beautiful.

You will start taking pride in your new appearance and experience higher self-esteem. Exercise is one of the best things for your skincare routine, so consider adding hot yoga to your regimen.

6. The Cardiovascular Improvements Enhance Your Life

Hot yoga is also a superior cardio workout compared to regular yoga. The heat causes your heart rate to accelerate, which is the cardinal principle of cardio.

When you add this cardio exercise to your workout regimen, you'll watch the pounds melt away and will also build your overall endurance.

Strong cardio and endurance are great, not just for your athletic performance, but also for the way that you manage energy in your daily life.

7. Infrared Yoga Builds and Tones Your Body

Hot yoga can also get your body chiseled as few workouts can. Even healthy and fit people end up having trouble areas of fat that they just can't seem to perfect.

The intensity and fat-burning properties of hot yoga allow you to get the body that you'd like and will enhance the other kinds of workouts that you do.

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8. It Helps You Breathe More Deeply

Engaging in hot yoga also helps you to focus on breathing deeply. Most people are shallow breathers, which doesn't let them get enough oxygen to their brain or body.

Breathing more deeply is excellent for your stress levels, improving your immune system and so much more. You'll also be able to think clearly and improve your overall mental focus. Implement the Breathe Safe plasma generator as a Sauna Ion Generator into your sauna as well. Not only will you experience a wonderful boost of oxygen, but enhanced benefits of sauna therapy.

Practicing hot yoga also helps you reach a state of stillness and meditation, which allows you to enter flow states of productivity in your everyday life.

9. Hot Yoga Improves Your Pain Relief

When you engage in hot yoga you'll also enjoy impeccable pain relief. This exercise relaxes your muscles and lubricates your joints.

As a result, you'll have far less tension in your body and can fight back against chronic pain problems. People that suffer from arthritis, lower back pain, and other issues will get a lot from their hot yoga practice.

10. Your Chronic Stress Levels Will Melt Away

Practicing hot yoga also engages your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the opposite of your fight or flight reflex and helps you to sit in calmness and tranquility.

You'll receive stress relief in your overall life, which helps you with work-life balance and improves your quality of sleep.

Take Advantage of Hot Yoga on a Regular Basis

These tips explain the benefits of hot yoga vs. regular yoga. This is a practice that you can add to your everyday life, no matter your age or fitness level.

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