​What is Nutritional Balancing Science?

​What is Nutritional Balancing Science?

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 7th Apr 2017

What is Nutritional Balancing ScienceNutritional Balancing Science is a whole-body health assessment with a precise correction and maintenance system. The science utilizes hair tissue mineral analysis (hair analysis or HTMA) to determine tissue levels of minerals and excess toxins and to guide a customized nutritional, mineral balancing and detoxification program for improved physiological function. After the hair analysis has been completed, a dietary, supplement and lifestyle program is created by a certified nutritional balancing practitioner. 

HTMA test reports allow supplements to be chosen and dosages recommended. Along with dietary changes to complement the program, supplements are also prescribed. The goal of the dietary, supplement, and lifestyle changes utilized in nutritional balancing science is to correct the body’s chemistry. Building the preferred minerals and ratios restores proper enzyme activity and balances the adrenal and thyroid glands so accumulated toxins can also be removed. Detoxification procedures that stimulate rapid removal of are also recommended for maximum, whole-body healing.

The founder of this science was Dr. Paul C. Eck, a very talented doctor, biochemist and mineral researcher who created a sound method to assess the stage of stress, the balance of the autonomic nervous system, and the oxidation rate; then correlated medical diagnoses with the readings on over 200,000 hair mineral analyses.

The Basis of Nutritional Balancing Begins with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Nutritional Balancing Science uses very different methods than are used with other body health and healing programs. Guided by HTMA, some of the basic principles of this type of nutritional healing program are:

  • Balancing the body's oxidation or metabolic rate.
  • Taking an analytic approach to healing rather than using remedies. The analytic approach of a Nutritional Balancing Science program strives to fix the causes of health problems, such as mineral imbalances and excess toxins, rather than attempting to chase the symptoms.
  • Promoting retracing, healing reactions, and trauma release. Safety is maximized through nutritional balancing with the combination of non-toxic foods and supplements, hydration and oxygenation, and mineral testing.

Nutritional Balancing Program Diet, Supplement and Protocol Recommendations

There are four main parts of a nutritional balancing program which include a specialized diet, recommended nutritional supplements, detoxification procedures, and a healthful lifestyle.

The nutritional balancing program diet focuses largely on promoting energy, rebuilding ideal mineral levels in the body, and enhancing metabolism and digestion. This is done with simple combinations of foods, avoidance of specific foods, and emphasizing the importance of vegetables and animal protein.

Nutritional balancing program supplements are recommended to each individual based solely upon the information gathered from an initial hair tissue mineral analysis test report. The program focuses on minimalist supplementation (only what is needed), integrated supplementation (not combining with other regiments), complete supplementation (without the need for others), and non-toxic supplementation.

The recommended detoxification procedures include near infrared sauna therapy, coffee enemas, reflexology therapies, and use of ozone and plasma for oxygen enhancement. A healthy lifestyle involves getting plenty of sleep and rest, participating in mild exercise, drinking ozonated water, and avoiding exposure to toxins

Other beneficial goals of a Nutritional Balancing Science program include:

  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system: Detoxification is aided significantly by the stimulation of parasympathetic activity or inhibition of sympathetic activity.
  • Reducing stressThe body uses a lot of energy to adapt to stress, which drains vital nutrients.
  • Reducing chronic infections: Infections create powerful toxins and the body uses up energy to fight them.
  • Correcting posture: Spinal curvature loss hinders breathing and digestion and can cause bulging discs, back pain, and pinched nerves. The body burns energy to compensate and tighten the muscles.

A nutritional balancing program is so effective because it resets the body, enabling it to move forward into  a fresh start at complete health and well being. A major part of the nutritional balancing philosophy is that being healthy is not just a lack of symptoms, but having high resistance to disease.

Nutritional Balancing Science is an effective approach to body healing for several reasons:

  • SafetyThe key to good health is balance – a balanced oxidation rate and balanced mineral ratios. Nutritional Balancing Science uses products and protocols that work at the body’s natural pace, without forcing nutrients in or toxins out in an unnatural pace or order. A Nutritional Balancing program also uses lower doses of supplemental nutrients, and only those that contribute to ideal balance. Consistent hair analysis retests contribute to the element of safety, as they enable adjustments to be made that stay on pace with each individual's particular rate of healing.
  • Prevention and PredictionA Nutritional Balancing Science program has the ability to not only identify trends and metabolic patterns in the body, but can correct negative trends before they cause symptoms. This predictive aspect is very beneficial in any healing process.
  • Mental and Emotional HealingThe brain and nervous system functioning properly better enhances healing approaches and life in general. A Nutritional Balancing program can address the causes for nutritional imbalances that may contribute to mental and emotional problems, and work to correct them.

Benefits of a Nutritional Balancing Program:

  • Safe and easy sampling
  • Affordable method of overall health maintenance
  • Precise analysis enables proper nutritional guidance
  • Easy to monitor progress (with regular and recommended retests)

The ultimate objective of Nutritional Balancing is to move the body into a state of “natural health”, where it is able to overcome disease on its own with the preferred minerals, rather than a need for medical procedures and medications. When the body is fully balanced and strengthened, then remedies are not needed. Go Healthy Next offers a HTMA and Body Mineral Balancing program that is personally designed by certified nutritional balancing practitioner and nutritional coach Eileen Durfee. A complimentary membership subscription to the Applied Mineral Balancing Institute is included with the program.

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