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Breathe Safe® Plasma Air Purifier

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Air Purifiers
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Plasma Generator and Oxygen Booster

Breathe Safe® Personal Space Portable Plasma, Sauna Ion Generator and Oxygen Booster


A compact and portable air purification powerhouse that boosts oxygen while generating millions of air cleansing plasma ions!

It is especially important to breathe clean air inside a sauna where bodies are sweating out at least six toxins, that become humidified and inhaled.  Besides preventing the re-accumulation of toxins eliminated through the skin, adding negative ions to a sauna session are quite beneficial.  The amount of negative ions generated by the Breathe Safe can increase body temperature, sweat volume and comfort according to the study, Physical Effects of negative Air Ions in a Wet Sauna.

Plasma ions act as an inhibiting force against VOCs (volatile organic compounds), toxins, viruses, bacteria, particulates, mold, dust, and pollen - all of which are commonly abundant in indoor air.  

The Breathe Safe® plasma generator produces more air cleaning plasma ions than many larger machines, and its compact size and portability make it easy to pick up, transport and plug in wherever you are. This powerful device emits 17% oxygen, and increases oxygen levels 70-118%, depending on background oxygen levels which vary between 15 to 20%. 

Everything you need to operate the Breathe Safe (if you live in the United States) is included! The Breathe Safe comes with the power cord and 110 wall plug and car adapter.  No additional purchases required. Optional accessories may be used to conveniently leave a set in the car, sauna, office, bedroom, etc. so you only have to move the device itself from place to place. 

Operating on just 2 watts of power, the Breathe Safe can inexpensively purify indoor air while boosting oxygen in small rooms. A choice of power adapters include a USB outlet, a 12 volt Cigarette Lighter plug or a 110 volt wall outlet (International plug adapters sold separately). The USB power cable that is included with the Breathe Safe Personal Space is an Adaptaplug Tip "H." 

Prefer batteries to power cables? A small 5.5A Output battery pack (not included with purchase) can be used to power the Breathe Safe and may be attached to the bottom with velcro and connected with an optional short cable (sold separately)

 The Breathe Safe® has 3 different operating cycles:

How to Operate and Clean Breathe Safe

  • Green light - Delivers continuous plasma 
  • Blue light - Plasma cycles between 2 minutes on and 1 minute off
  • Red light - Plasma cycles between 1 minute on and 2 minutes off
  • No light represents the machine being off.

The Breathe Safe requires little maintenance, but needs to be cleaned periodically depending on how much dust is in your environment. Ion production decreases as dust collects inside. Step-by-step written instructions are available here: How to Clean the Breathe Safe. Carefully read all safety and warning information in the manual before operating the machine. 

The Breathe Safe plasma generator has been CE certified and ROHS certified. International customers who wish to calculate import duty of this product to their country can use the HS Code: 8421391000 at Duty Calculator

View the Breathe Safe laboratory test results, VOCs test results, and particles test results for proof of air purification capacity. Add some plasma to your life and enhance the quality of air in your favorite space with the Breathe Safe portable plasma generator!

Please note that the Breathe Safe has not been registered as a medical device. Plasma air purification can help reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke, dust, pollen, and VOCs from the air but has not been proven to reduce the chance of contracting a disease or illness. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Warranty Information
1-year warranty. This does not cover cost of shipping to or from after 30 days. It also does not cover accidental damage, such as impaired plasma function due to dropping the device. Upon inspection, replacement or repair for any damage caused by misuse.