Coffee Enema Detoxification Protocol

Learn the history of this beneficial and unique detoxification practice

Coffee Enema Benefits

Enemas have been around for a long time. They were transcribed from the Dead Sea Scrolls, written 2,000 years ago, and into the Manual of Discipline. They are definitely not a new concept, and are even advised in The Essene Gospel of Peace, which is a 300 A.D. Aramaic manuscript, included as part of the Secret Archives of the Vatican. 

Brewed coffee was initially contained in enema treatments, according to Dr. Jerry Walters. During World War I, there was a lack of pain-killers and anesthetics, which resulted in soldiers only getting the amount of these supplies they needed for a successful surgery. Doctors requested plain water enemas to help with the following onset of pain, but the nurses wanted something more powerful. One nurse noticed that the doctors drank coffee to help them keep going as they worked intense hours, and thought the inclusion of coffee in the enema bucket could help. Soldiers who received coffee enemas expressed that their pain was reduced.

The report of these findings interested Professor Dr. med. O.A. Meyer, MD, and Professor Dr. med Martin Heubner, MD, at the Geottingen’s College of Medicine, Germany in the 1920's.  They observed the effects of caffeinated enemas on rats, and found that their bile ducts were stimulated open. They published their findings, which were supported by additional research conducted by Dr. Peter Lechner of Graz, Austria in the Aktuelle Ernåhrungsmedizin (Contemporary Nutritional Medicine), 2 Band on 15, April 1990. This research also showed an increase in bile flow due to coffee enema administration.

We are now aware that the presence of coffee in an enema stimulates glutathione-S-transferase, an enzyme system in the liver, which eliminates electrophiles from the bloodstream, thanks to research published from Wattenberg, Sparnins, and Lam at the University of Minnesota, Department of Pathology, Minneapolis. The bile duct dilation and increase in glutathions-S- transferase production that occurs from a coffee enema eliminates circulating toxins, as well as partial metabolites that are called free radicals. In addition, the glutiathione enzyme system activity is elevated by more than 600%.  

The complete cycle of the entire body’s blood passing through the liver happens every three minutes, which means it occurs five times while the solution from a coffee enema is held in the intestines for 15 minutes. The caffeine absorbs to the hemorrhoidal veins from the intestinal wall, and is carried straight through into the portal veins and then the liver. The caffeine, as well as enzymes theobromine and theophllyine, have physiological effects that include blood vessel and bile ducts dilation, smooth muscle relaxation, and an increase in bile flow. The higher amount of activity from these enzymes leads to diminished free-radical activity, as well as blocked carcinogens. The coffee palmitates also stimulate glutathione-S-transferase and increase the flow of bile.

Dr. Max Gerson reported that the mortality of cancer parents was not due to the actual disease, but because of the liver’s struggle to detoxify and process all the dissolving tumors and additional metabolic toxins that are released in large amounts from nutritional therapy. Degenerative diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, are linked in their development to uncontrolled free-radical production. The ability of the liver to detoxify is crucial to remove excess free-radicals. Coffee enemas help tackle this issue, and Dr. Gerson found a high rate of success with this procedure for his patients.

Dr. Max Gerson discovered that stronger circulation and tissue integrity could help prevent malignant tumors from spreading.  He said that cancer could not exist concurrently with a normal metabolism. Dr. Gerson performed tests with laboratory animals, where he transplanted cancerous tumors inside them. The malignances were surrounded by inflammation at first, but quickly dissolved.  For him to make sure the transplanted cancerous tumors grew, he had to manipulate the animal’s metabolism, with damage to the thyroid and adrenal glands (Charlotte Gerson, 2001, p 161).

We strongly recommend coffee enemas as both a safe and beneficial detoxification protocol for detoxification. The main purpose of a Hair Analysis Test is to uncover the body’s metabolic imbalances, and figure out which antagonistic and synergistic minerals are needed to manipulate the adrenal and thyroid glands, in order to mobilize toxic metals and compounds out from the tissues and into the blood stream for elimination. The body naturally accumulates toxic metals when the metabolism is not healthy, and is not able to use the preferred minerals, regardless of if they are present. In contrast, a balance metabolism enables the body to reject toxic metals and accumulate the preferred minerals.

It is all about balance. Coffee enemas help the liver remove poisons from the body when toxic metals are in the blood stream.

Try daily coffee enemas for two weeks, and experience the wonders for yourself. Learn how to conveniently perform a coffee enema in your own home. The majority of people are stunned at how much better their body feels from this procedure. Buy a coffee enema kit today for the most effective and inexpensive detoxification protocol.