Convertible Sauna Bundles

Sauna Fix® Convertible Bundle near infrared tent sauna system

Save time with the Sauna Fix Convertible Bundle - the most efficient and powerful sauna system on the market. The sauna experience has never been faster than with our patented radiant tent that requires no extra time to preheat and keeps all healing frequencies trapped inside the enclosure for maximum photo therapy benefits! This is also the first tent sauna system to convert three ways, so users can sauna standing up, sitting down, or lying down.

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The Sauna Fix lamp generates red light, near infrared light, and mid infrared light therapy.  Red and near infrared light biologically respond to the body’s cells, unlike far infrared light, which only heats up the body’s water molecules to create heat stress.

Only with a near infrared sauna lamp can you get the added benefits of blood shunting, which doubles circulation effects.  Blood shunting occurs when the side of your body facing the light heats up, and in response to the heat, the body beings to shunt blood towards the skin’s surface. The tissues become engorged with blood and, in order for the body to cool down, water escapes from the blood stream and is produced as sweat.  As you rotate in front of the near infrared light, the body has to constantly redirect the blood shunting to the other side. The rotation also helps to avoid burning the skin. Other types of saunas cannot provide this beneficial blood shunting effect.  

It is not possible to produce a non-EMF emitting sauna, considering any product that plugs into power generates some amount of EMF. However, we have taken all precautions possible to reassure our customers’ peace of mind with the safety of their sauna products. The sauna has been tested on numerous levels and we have the results to prove validity. 

We encourage you to take a look through the extensive testing that has been performed on the Sauna Fix to guarantee its safety. No other sauna competitor has the third party testing to prove they are as safe as the Sauna Fix system.  In addition, there is also no aluminum present in the sockets of the light fixture.

Enjoy the benefits of home near infrared sauna therapy with boosted ion, oxygen, and body mineral balancing salt therapies for an overall healthier you!

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