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Pendant - Lava Spiritual Angelic with Shekinah Dove

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Lava Spiritual Angelic with Shekinah Dove Pendant | Quantum Science

The Lava Spiritual Pendant is an outstanding and beautifully designed Bio Chi pendant type made with Lava and Tourmaline. The spiritually uplifting front design features Hebrew writings along with Angelic and Shekinah Dove inscriptions.

This particular pendant also produces the highest amount of negative ions (4,490) out of all available Quantum Science pendants that help to protect you from harmful exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). 

Human beings need negative ions, or anions, to support normal body functions. 

With indoor and outdoor pollution this type of beneficial ions are constantly being destroyed. 

Get proactive and look great with Quantum Jewelry and help your body with health enhancing products that are supported by years of research.