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Sauna Fix® Ultimate Bundle EU 230V Near Infrared Sauna


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Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle European 230 V Near Infrared Sauna (DISCONTINUED)

This Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle has been discontinued and replaced with the Sauna Fix 230 volt EU Convertible Bundle. The all new convertible bundle includes the Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent, which enables a user to use the sauna sitting, standing up, or lying down. The bundle also includes the fixture for the sauna lamp, Breathe Safe ion generator, Healthy Salt, Baja Gold Sea Salt, two bamboo floor mats, two organic bamboo cotton throw rugs, and a pair of near infrared sauna eye protection glasses. Everything necessary for the best sauna session is included in one place! 

The following information pertains to the previously available ultimate bundle that is now discontinued.

Sauna goers across Europe can now purchase the Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna Ultimate Bundle, with complete and portable sauna accessories, for the ultimate home sauna therapy experience! Near infrared sauna therapy from Sauna Fix is far superior to any other sauna type. Some of the unique benefits include: 

  • Improved circulation from side to side blood shunting. Rotating your body during sauna sessions enables vigorous blood shunting that supplies amazing circulation benefits and helps you stay cool as water (sweat) escapes from the skin. 
  • The Sauna Fix near infrared sauna lamp consumes significantly less energy than any far infrared sauna.
  • Near infrared saunas deliver more benefits using lower ambient air temperatures than far infrared sauna types. 

The purchase of the Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle EU 230 Volt includes:

  • Sauna Fix 230 volt near infrared sauna lamp
  • Sauna lamp Travel Bag
  • Portable Sauna Tent and Tent Travel Bag  
  • Stay Safe near infrared eye protection glasses
  • Dry Skin Brush and Brush Travel Bag
  • Poplar Sauna Stool and Stool Travel Bag
  • Breathe Safe Sauna Ion Generator
  • Ultra-soft organic Bamboo fleece throw rug

Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle 230 volt European Near Infrared Sauna at Go Healthy NextWe recommend you partake in a dry skin brushing exercise with our Dry Skin Brush before every near infrared sauna session. This activity helps to stimulate mucus expulsion and to loosen toxic matter.  

The portable Sauna Fix lamp (bulbs are not included) measures 34.29 cm deep, 43.18 cm wide, 58.42 cm tall and weighs 5.44 kg with the guards screwed on. The portable Sauna Tent (1.22 m deep x 1.22 m wide x 1.52 meters tall and 3.63 kg) is consumer friendly. The frame is self-supporting and does not require any tools for assembly. Visit this page for help in assembling the sauna tent.  The tent frame metal consists of a proprietary blend of non-toxic polymers and metal that will not burn when touched. The light guards are carefully inspected, tested, and screwed onto the base before shipment. 

The radiant insulted fabric of the tent is made from bubble wrap that is sandwiched between space blanket material.  It is a better choice than cotton canvas, as it powerfully retains heat, does not outgass chemicals or odors and does not need to be preheated prior to use. Click here to learn how to hang the Sauna Fix in the tent with the rope ratchets, which are included as part of the sauna purchase. 

Place the Poplar Stool inside your sauna tent to begin your session. The stool is made in America with imported and domestic materials. Due to customer requests, we now paint the seat top with non-toxic MILK PAINT. The milk paint seals the wood seat, so that sweat won’t raise the wood grain over time. Otherwise, the poplar wood is in an unfinished condition, and can remain that way (or painted in a color of your choice).  We use General Finishes “LINEN” water based Milk Paint on the seat.

Don't forget to wear the Stay Safe glasses while using your sauna and place the Breathe Safe inside the enclosure to inhale the beneficial negative ions it supplies. Studies show that the presence of negative ions (produced by the Breathe Safe) makes sauna therapy much more effective. Place the Bamboo Throw Rug on the tent floor to absorb all the sweat from your sauna session!

*This bundle is for European customers. Browse through our sauna products page to find the appropriate bundle to ship to your country.