EMF Shielding

EMF Shielding | Quantum Science

Basically any device powered by electricity will project an energy field around itself that is known as an electromagnetic field (EMF), which can be very harmful to humans and animals. EMF occurs because of differences in magnetic fields and voltage that are created whenever a current of electricity flows.

Humans and animals have their own biochemical and electric responses which are disrupted when exposed to EMFs. Your nervous system, digestion, brain and heart function are being adversely impacted by EMFs even if you don't realize it. Some people are very sensitive to EMFs and some serious health effects have been tied directly to EMF exposure.

The reason why exposure to harmful EMFs can be so dramatic is that your body is naturally conductive. That means that EMFs are attracted and absorbed by your body very easily, especially when you are indoors around multiple sources. When you are outdoors in a natural setting your body naturally resonates with the earth's schumanan resonance of 7.83 which is good for your body. You can also set up a healthy energetic field with Quantum, Scalar and Anion generating devices to minimize EMFs and protect you from exposure. So to speak you can create your own healthy energetic environment around your body whereever you go.

You can apply EMF shielding stickers on or near major sources of EMFs, such as: hairdryers, electric razors, irons, cordless phones, WiFi routers and equipment, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuums, televisions, computer monitors, dimmer switches, electrical circuits, computers, haolgen or fluorescent lighting, scanners, fax machines, cell phones, and photocopiers. Just remember if a device plugs into electricity it generates EMF and you can apply a shielding sticker or keep other protective devices in the same general vicinity.