Endo-met Mineral Support Supplements are hypoallergenic and derived from vegetable sources!

Paramin is a multiple mineral supplement with Vitamin D3 and is the top selling Endo-met mineral supplement of all time.  This special formulation contains synergistic nutrients that are recommended for support of parathyroid function.  Vitamin D3, Calcium from hydrolyzed rice protein chelate and calcium citrate, Magnesium from hydrolyzed rice protein chelate and magnesium citrate, and boron from amino acid chelate are included to support and regulate parathyroid activity.  Paramin indirectly helps the parathyroid adjust and regulate calcium levels in the body.

Laboratory HTMA Hair Analysis supplement recommendations always include some Paramin.  The mineral and toxic metal levels and ratios determine how many tablets an individual should consume.  Recommendations are that Paramin tablets should be taken with meals, morning, noon and night.

More and more hair analysis test results are reporting an All-Four-Low pattern, where the first four minerals:  calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are below ideal.  To correct the problem relatively large amounts of Paramin are given to sedate the adrenal glands and put them to bed, so to speak.  Utilizing the calcium and magnesium in Paramin works well to restore the minerals sacrificed during everyday stress that is placed upon the adrenal glands.  The supplementation of Paramin will reduce adrenal gland activity, and is much like rebooting a computer.  A person in the All-Four-Low pattern should experience an increased amount of fatigue and are encouraged to rest more and not fight the process which the adrenal glands heal.

Part of the reason that Paramin is the top selling mineral product, parallels the dramatic increase of test results showing adrenal gland burnout and fatigue.  Paramin is an excellent supplement to be used in conjunction with a few other supplements, because someone in the four lows pattern needs a small program instead of over stimulating the adrenal glands.  Regular hair analysis retests are recommended because as soon as a person comes out of the all four lows pattern, the metabolic pack and glandular need to be added and the number of Paramin tablets reduced.

Another popular Endo-met mineral supplement is Limcomin and is the second-best seller, after Paramin.  This multi-mineral supplement is specifically designed to raise a low sodium potassium (Na/k) ratio and support the immune system.  The sodium potassium ratio is the most important ratio reported on a hair analysis, and a low ratio is the number one indicator of a dysfunctional immune system.  A low sodium potassium (Na/k) ratio also indicates adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency and when low enough adrenal burn-out; as well as hidden copper toxicity.

When hair analysis test results show a four lows pattern with a low sodium/potassium (Na/k) ratio, more Limcomin is typically recommended.  This is because the amount of Paramin given to resolve the all four lows pattern will slow down the adrenal glands and lower the Na/k ratio further.