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HTMA Test: Faxed Hair Analysis Kit

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Faxed Hair Analysis Kit for Expedited HTMA testing

The Faxed Hair Analysis Kit includes the order form, envelope, and scale needed in order to mail in your hair sample for analysis to Analytical Research Labs.  These are all the materials necessary to submit information and a hair sample to Analytical Research Labs Hair Analysis. These items all come free of charge as a download with the purchase of a Hair Mineral Analysis Test Kit, but you can pay the fee for this additional service to also receive them by fax. 

Please note that this kit will only supply you with the test ordering materials, and does not include the cost of the Hair Analysis test itself. Purchase the Initial lab hair analysis or the Retest HTMA separately. 

To make the most of the Body Mineral Balancing program, invest in obtaining a Hair Analysis retest every 3 months to evaluate, adjust, and continue your progress toward improved health.