Hot Yoga Sauna Bundles

Sauna Fix® Ultimate Hot Yoga Exercise Sauna Bundles

Burn more fat and lose more weight when you combine exercise and sauna therapy with the Hot Yoga Exercise sauna system!

The Sauna Fix Hot Yoga Exercise Bundle brings the highest possible benefits of near infrared light therapy to fitness seekers worldwide. Inspired by Jenn Bodnar at Yoga Digest, this ultimate workout NIR bundle delivers plenty of room for most yoga exercises. This bundle is the first near infrared tent sauna system that can also hold small exercise bikes or treadmills, while the radiant tent panels enable over four times the fat and weight burning potential in half the time of exercise alone.  

The Sauna Fix lamp produces beneficial red light, near infrared light, and mid infrared light. Unlike far infrared light, red and near infrared biologically respond to the body’s cells. Near infrared light therapy is also the only way you can engage in the fantastic benefit of blood shunting, which doubles circulation effects. Blood shunting takes places when the body heats up on the side facing the light, and shunts blood towards the skin’s surface as a response to the heat. The tissues swell with blood and release water from the blood stream in order to cool down. This results in sweat! The body is forced to continue to redirect the blood shunting from one side of the body to the other, as you rotate in front of the near infrared rays. You will also avoid burning your skin by rotating. No other kind of sauna can supply beneficial blood shunting.

You’ll save time with this bundle since the radiant tent requires no preheating, so you can get straight into your workout routine or sauna session. The enclosure effectively retains the near infrared healing frequencies inside for optimal photo therapy benefits.

A non-EMF producing sauna is nonexistent because anything plugged into power emits some amount of EMF. Rest assured that we have taken the necessary precautions to guarantee this sauna system is as safe as possible. No other sauna competitor provides the same third party testing that we have for the Sauna Fix. Please view the comprehensive testing that proves validity of the safety of the sauna. No aluminum is contained in the socks of the lamp fixture.

The Hot Yoga Exercise sauna tent comes with an easy-to-insert center partition that divides the lengthy full-size tent into two smaller chambers. Each chamber is the ideal size to sit down after a workout and enjoy faster muscle recovery with healing near infrared light therapy. The wellness extras in this bundle help to boost oxygen and healthy ions, and balance body minerals both inside the sauna and out.

Engage in beneficial therapy and/or exercise with the world's first 3-in-1 workout sauna!


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