How Long to Ozonate Water

Ozonated water will increase oxygen levels in your body and oxidize contaminants and heavy metals that travel around in your blood and electrolytes.  After all we are 70% water, so that is why I drink ozonated water every day.  I personally don't drink tap water, distilled water or reverse osmosis water, and prefer to rotate between different spring and mineral waters.  However, to provide a base line measurement I chose to test for ozone saturation with distilled water.  Click to review the full details of the laboratory testing. 

But basically 300 ml (about 10 ounces) of room temperature distilled water was tested in 5 minute increments. The distilled water became saturated with ozone gas sometime after 5 minutes and by 10 minutes.  So ozonating 300 ml of water after 10 minutes does not increase the active oxygen levels in distilled water and is a waste of time.

I personally ozonate spring water (not mineral water) 15 minutes and then drink immediately on an empty stomach (away from supplements and food).  The reason why I ozone the water over 10 minutes is that spring water does contain minerals, and ozone will oxidize the minerals breaking them down, and in the process decrease the ozone saturation of the water.  Since I didn't test ozone saturation at 6, 7, 8 and 9 minute intervals we don't know exactly when the water became saturated.  We just know that at 10 minutes distilled water became fully saturated.  So I'm guessing when I ozonate my spring water for 15 minutes, but I'm confident that I'm getting abundant amounts of active oxygen using my method.