How to assemble the poplar stool

Popular Stool Assembly Instructions 

We hand check every stool, assemble it, break it down, and put it in the bag before shipping. If you have trouble assembling the stool, the information on this page may be helpful. 


The legs of the stool are custom made, and will only fit in the seat one way. You may have to do some adjusting to figure out which slot best suits which leg. 

1. Begin with the leg that has a complete solid edge, and insert it into the slot that it best fits.

2. Take the other leg, and flip it around, if necessary, to fit over the first leg.  Push it into the seat grove by hand. Do not hammer.

3. If the second leg does not fit into the slot by hand; remove the first leg, and try inserting it into the other slot.

The stool fits together tightly to stay in place when moving around, but is still loose enough to break down, and put into the travel bag.  


  • If you hammer to force the legs into the seat, you run the risk of splitting a stool leg in half. This is not covered under warranty. 
  • The stool is made from unfinished wood, and has natural wood grain imperfections. There may be small cracks and minor wood fill, but this does not affect the functionality of the stool. If you wish to finish the stool, we recommend Old Fashioned Milk Based paint, which is non-toxic.