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HTMA 15-Minute Consultation with Eileen Durfee, NC

Text Eileen at 509-670-9713 or call her to schedule a time

HTMA and Nutritional Balancing Practitioner Eileen Durfee

HTMA 15-Minute Consultation with Eileen Durfee, NC

Eileen Durfee, NC began training under Dr. Wilson in August 2011, and moved forward in the fall of 2017 to independently develop modern ways for new and existing HTMA and Nutritional Balancing clients to access their information through a software tracking module.

Eileen's methods focus on research that is supported by accredited laboratory testing and documentation. She prefers a scientific approach to nutritional balancing, and does not believe that summoning spirit guides (in order to make body mineral balancing recommendations) is necessarily the best approach for her clients. She chooses to rely on scientific lab testing and documented research first, and then prayer to the Creator

Supplement your Hair Analysis Basic Program with individualized consultation time as needed with Eileen Durfee. Consultation time includes troubleshooting or clarification of the program, further interpretation, and/or prayer.

Whether you’re a new or returning client, you can take advantage of consultation time for further support and guidance during the Body Mineral Balancing program.  If you have obtained a hair analysis from a different practitioner, and would like Eileen to review those results in a phone consult, please purchase the HTMA Pattern Report + Consultation.

This consultation purchase is for 15 minutes. If you need further assistance, you can add another one for 15 additional minutes of desired consultation time. 

Please note that once you purchase consultation time, it is up to you to contact Eileen and set up an appropriate time to talk. We do not contact you directly to schedule consultation time.

A Hair Analysis test is a tissue biopsy that takes a hair sample in order to identify your body’s mineral ratios and imbalances, as well as toxic metals.  A Hair Analysis test also has predictive benefits as the results can reveal information about both current and potential health conditions. It addresses the causes of problems and works to fix them with the help of a customized Nutritional Balancing Program.  The recommended supplements will work to correct your body’s imbalances and improve your energy levels.  They will help lay up the preferred minerals in order to restore your health and eliminate toxins. This program is a safe, affordable, and effective way to enhance your well-being and get yourself to an optimal health level.