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HTMA and Body Mineral Balancing Program Initial Test

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Body Mineral Balancing Program: Initial HTMA Test

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A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a biopsy test that uses a small sample of hair to measure the body's mineral levels, ratios, and toxic metals. It is often referred to as a hair analysis, and the actual testing for this program is performed by Analytical Research Laboratories. 

Laboratory hair analysis is an invaluable measurement and screening tool used for Body Mineral Balancing, which allows for the design of a corrective program of dietary, lifestyle, detoxification and supplementation protocols tailored for each individuals' specific needs. Learn more benefits of hair analysis. Please note that testing and nutritional coaching consultations performed are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription for any condition or disease. 

Important Notice:

The order forms needed to submit the hair sample will be mailed out to U.S. customers and emailed to International customers.

United States residents MUST put their own mailing address on the Lab Order Form (the blue form that comes with purchase of the program), or will be subject to a $20 Lab Report Scan Fee.

International clients (who reside outside of the United States) MUST pay the Lab Report Scan Fee when they purchase the program. They will not receive the lab report by mail. This fee is required, regardless of if the report is accidentally mailed out, due to the shipping charges. 

Customized Results from Practitioner Eileen Durfee:

HTMA test results purchased through Go Healthy Next are interpreted by Nutritional Balancing Science Practitioner Eileen Durfee. Eileen uses her vast experience, including years working under Dr. Lawrence Wilson, in combination with new and scientifically documented research, to independently interpret hair analysis test results and provide program recommendations. As an expert nutritional coach, Eileen is very familiar with Dr. Wilson's patterns, Dr. Watt's interpretations, and Morley Robbins's recommendations.

Practitioner Eileen Durfee is a spiritual person who believes in prayer, spiritual healing, and prays daily for the healing of all of her clients. She also believes that well-researched, fact-based, documented and proven science should be the predominant factors when approaching nutritional coaching and Nutritional Balancing Science program recommendations. 

This HTMA and Body Mineral Balancing program includes a kit (mailed for U.S. customers, emailed for International customers) containing all of the instructions and materials needed to submit a hair analysis sample.  You will have access to an instructional document, hair sample scale, and lab order form to send your hair sample to Analytical Research Laboratories.

IMPORTANT: If you have never submitted hair for HTMA, please take care when preparing (washing) hair and learn where and how to cut a hair sample!

What this HTMA and Body Mineral Balancing Program Includes:

HTMA and Body Mineral Balancing Program

Once we receive your hair analysis results and program recommendations, we will contact you via email. Please note the entire process can take around 3-4 weeks, depending on when you submit the required forms, and how many clients submitted a hair sample at the same time. It may take 7-10 days from when we receive your results to when we send a follow-up email with the program report. 

The HTMA Hair Analysis and Body Mineral Balancing Program Initial Test recommendations includes:

  • Information regarding significant patterns shown and
  • Supplement and lifestyle recommendations. 

The program also includes a hard copy Analytical Research lab report booklet, which contains an abundance of information regarding your body's chemistry. Please note the above notice in red regarding receipt of this booklet.

Please note that all hair analysis tests are non-refundable and must be used within 6 months of purchase.  Phone calls, text messages, and email support are not included with the price of the program. Anyone in need of additional support, may purchase consultation time with Eileen Durfee

HTMA Test Results Charted by Analytical Research LabsAbout the HTMA Test Report and what it contains:

The Hair Analysis Test report contains client readings of major and macro minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium, Phosphorus; and Nickel, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Lithium, Boron ), toxic metals (Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, and Aluminum); and significant ratios revealing metabolic trends (CA/MG, NA/MG, CA/K, NA/K, CA/P, and ZN/CU). The Analytical Research Profile II Lab Report results correlate to the state of cellular energy, metabolism, blood sugar, immune system function; adrenal, thyroid, liver, and kidney activity; and the nervous system are included in the interpretation explanation.

Since Body Mineral Balancing Science uses mineral and vitamin antagonists and synergists to adjust mineral levels and ratios instead of using replacement therapy or chelators to lower toxic metals, selling a hair analysis test that reports more minerals, metals and ratios in our opinion is a marketing tactic. Dr. Paul C. Eck originally tested for more minerals and metals during his research, however, the readings were not found meaningful in designing a program to resolve client imbalances or to identify additional metabolic trends. 

The single most important factor in eliminating toxic metals is balancing the energy production systems of the body, so the proper minerals can be used in place of toxic metals.  The body detoxifies automatically and prefers the correct minerals over toxic metals when directed towards ideal mineral levels and ratios. 

Just remember that every cell enzyme binding site has one of three things:  the correct mineral, the wrong bio-unavailable mineral or a toxic metal.  Body Mineral Balancing Science is about laying up the preferred minerals in all the cells of the body so functions can be restored. This is kind of like converting a jalopy full of junk yard parts and baling wire to a new car with OEM car parts.

We recommend hair analysis retests every three months.  

The body's chemistry is always shifting, so it essential to keep on track with your Body Mineral Balancing Program with regular retests. The lab will not compare progress between your tests if you wait too long between them, so make sure to purchase them on a regular basis. You can purchase the re-test here.

ATTENTION New York State residents: NY Public Health Law Section 574 prohibits hair analysis laboratories from processing hair samples from residents of New York at this time. We cannot process hair analysis orders with a NY State shipping address. If you have any questions please Contact us.