HTMA Program review: 34-year-old woman with Adrenal Burnout

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Body Mineral Balancing Program testimonial review from 34-year-old Female with Adrenal Burnout

This client testimonial came March 26, 2012 from a woman who was "an organic girl" and "healthy by typical standards" but knew that something was off. See what it took her to get rid of adrenal burnout and mineral deficiency:

"I'm conscious of a healthy lifestyle. I'm an organic girl as much as I can be. I avoid chemicals, refined foods, bad hours, couch-potato syndrome, yada yada. So it was highly distressing to me to experience troubling anxiety, difficulty sleeping, ongoing fatigue, general malaise after eating, irritability and depression. What alarmed me most was the handfuls of hair I was losing in the shower. While declared "healthy" by typical standards, I knew something was wrong.

My first hair tissue mineral analysis revealed what has become an education and awareness about what is NOT nutritionally available in the food supply, and what stress demands on a body can do to its vitamin/mineral health. In addition to severe adrenal burnout and mineral deficiency, my hair told a story of pollution and heavy metal toxicity.

I've been on the program for nine months now. My adrenal function has tripled. My focus, concentration and mental attitude have all increased. My intestinal health has improved to the point of actually absorbing the "food" in my food. At a cellular level, my tissue is gaining the strength to dump the toxic metals. And my hair? It is growing so much my stylist is shocked. She suggested I stop coloring as there‘s a natural beauty and lustre now. I've had thin hair my entire life, but that is changing too.

I love the resources and support available at Analytical Research Labs and Go Healthy Next. Even more, I love that feeling of a vibrant, solid foundation in my core. I didn't know it had gone missing until it returned.

Do it. Know where your personal biochemistry is at. It's your quality of life we‘re talking about here. How sharp can your brain get? How vibrant can you feel?"

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