HTMA Program review: 44-year-old woman with Hypothyroidism

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Body Mineral Balancing program testimonial review from Female, 44 years old with Hypothyroidism

Client testimonial of a 44-year-old female who is thankful for wellness after being on the program for approximately 8 months. She has seen improvements in several areas, and this is what she has to say:

I am a 44 year old mother of two (one with autism) and a preschool teacher. I have been on the mineral balancing program for about 8 months. I'm pretty consistent about taking my supplements, although some times (2x/wk) I miss my noon dose. My main health issue is hypothyroidism and most of the symptoms that are associated with this issue: low energy, lack of mental focus, some depression, low sex drive, and I usually feel cold. Since I've been on the program, I have had some days where I have definitely experienced improved energy levels. Although I'm not consistent with this yet, I hope to be as I continue with the program. I have a pretty busy life that comes with a fair amount of stress which I understand can slow down progress. My husband and I are working on some life changes that will hopefully benefit not only myself but our whole family. 

Other areas of improvement are consistent bowel movements (no more loose stools) and no more irregular periods. My changes have been subtle, but any improvement is welcomed. I'm looking forward to continued improvements over time."

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