HTMA Program review: 54-year-old woman with RA

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Body Mineral Balancing program testimonial review from a 54-year-old Female suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Janet Wallace sent the following email to us on March 18, 2012 stating that her symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis diminished significantly after one year on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis guided Body Mineral Balancing program. This is her story of obtaining a healthier body, soul and spirit:

"I have been on the mineral supplements for just about 1 year. My main reason for trying this program was arthritis was beginning to set into my fingers. My mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis and I DID NOT want to go there! My joints were getting red, swollen, stiff and sore when I was first told about this program. After starting on the minerals, I noticed the joints in my fingers were better. It did not take long for the redness to go down, and the soreness to literally STOP. I was very excited! The next thing I realized was with my teeth and gums. After going to my dentist and getting a thorough cleaning and checking the 'pockets' around the teeth, my hygienist said the pockets had improved quite a bit, and I would not have to come back for a year! I had been going every 3 months. There is one more thing that I give credit to this mineral supplement program, and that is the fact that I am losing less hair when showering. There just is not as much hair collecting around the drain. My husband has been very impressed with my results and is now talking of getting his hair analysed to see what can he done for him and his overall well-being."

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