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Kidney Glandular Support

It has been known for centuries that "like heals like", so if a person has a weak liver, they might want to consume liver-based products sourced from other animals to help support liver function. The same goes for kidneys. That's why for some individuals that want to keep their kidneys in good shape or simply go on a detox program it makes sense to consume glandular products - tablets / capsules that contain lyophilized (immediately frozen then dried), or defatted glands or other organs from bovine or porcine sources. Protomorphogens (that's another word for glandular products) have been successfully utilized to help balance body chemistry and support health, even though it's not completely clear how they work exactly.

Kidney glandular supplements offered by Go Healthy Next contain all vitamins, minerals and proteins found in bovine kidney glands. They can be taken for short or extended periods of time since they are completely safe - for some, their intake is also extremely beneficial. For one, it may help support normal kidney function and detoxification.

Practitioner Eileen Durfee recommends that everyone take Renamide to promote detoxification and elimination of heavy metals. The whole purpose of a Nutritional Balancing program is to cause the body to lay up preferred minerals and displace toxic metals. Once the toxic metals have been mobilized and are circulating in the blood, and the liver passes fluids to the kidneys, the kidneys can become stressed. The kidney lobes have an infinity for trapping toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, nickel or copper, and Renamide helps completely escort the toxins out of the body.

Hair analysis indicators that support a Renamide supplement recommendation include a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2:1 or greater than 10:1. Please consider getting a laboratory HTMA hair analysis to determine the best supplements for your biochemistry.