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Sauna Fix® Travel Bundle 110V USA Near Infrared Sauna


46.00 LBS

Sauna Fix® Travel Bundle 110V USA Near Infrared Sauna (DISCONTINUED)

The Sauna Fix Travel Bundle has been discontinued and replaced with the Sauna Fix Convertible Bundle. Four versions of the new bundle are available, so you can choose the appropriate voltage for your home.  The convertible bundle includes the all new Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent, which enables a person to use the sauna while sitting, standing, or lying down. Along with the new tent and the sauna lamp fixture itself, the convertible bundle comes with the Breathe Safe ion generator, Healthy Salt, Baja Gold Sea Salt, two bamboo floor mats, two organic bamboo cotton throw rugs, and a pair of near infrared sauna eye protection glasses.  Rest assured you will receive all you need for the most powerful sauna experience at the best possible price. 

The following information pertains to the previously available travel bundle that is now discontinued.

With the purchase of the Sauna Fix Travel Bundle, you not only get the Sauna Fix, but many fantastic and fully portable accessories to make your travel sauna experience the best it can be! The Sauna Fix Travel Bundle includes:

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    Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp, sauna lamp travel bag, Portable Radiant Sauna Tent, sauna tent travel bag, Bamboo sauna floor mat, and the Stay Safe NIR Eye Protection Glasses 

The metal of the Sauna Fix is a proprietary blend of non-toxic polymers and metal, so it does not hold heat and become like a branding iron that will burn people if they touch it. The Sauna Fix measures 13.5" deep, 17" wide, and 23" tall with the guards screwed on and weighs 12 lbs, while the Sauna Tent measures 4'x4'x5' and weighs 18 lbs. 

Click here to learn how to hang the Sauna Fix in the tent with the rope ratchets, included with the travel bundle. 

Heat stress therapy is undisputed for its health benefits, but the Sauna Fix offers near infrared sauna has many additional benefits over other types of saunas.  

When you sit on a stool in front of the Sauna Fix lamp, you must rotate your body at regular intervals. This rotation technique shunts the blood from side to side towards the light and vasculates the skin so that water can escape to cool you down. This rotating technique also helps to vigorously shunt the blood in opposite directions, resulting in circulation benefits that are unique to near infrared, and far superior to any other sauna type. 

Sauna Fix Travel Bundle USA

Near infrared saunas, such as the Sauna Fix, have a much lower ambient air temperature so you feel cooler while sweating out toxins. 

According to Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph.D., sauna therapy can also increase growth hormone.

The portable Sauna Tent, included in the Travel Bundle, is patent pending for its use of radiant insulation for the tent fabric, which is far superior to cotton canvas covers. No pre-heating is necessary with the radiant insulation and the fabric effectively holds in all of the heat and healing near infrared rays.

Unlike with hot wooden saunas and sauna fixtures, there will be no outgassing when using the Sauna Fix and radiant Sauna Tent. In addition, no tools are needed to clamp the sauna's light panel on to the tent frame. It is a self-supporting frame that pieces together like tinker toys, and breaks down easily to fit inside a travel bag. Visit this page for help in assembling the sauna tent.

*Please note that the Sauna Fix does not come with the bulbs needed for the sauna. Visit this page for help buying bulbs for the sauna lamp.

*This bundle is for the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. It ships in a split shipment of two separate boxes. The dimensions of the boxes are too large for the shopping cart to calculate international shipping.  If you live outside of the United States, please shop the International Travel Bundle.

Warranty Information
1 year limited warranty on tent and 3 year limited warranty on sauna