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Sauna Fix® Ultimate Bundle USA 110V Near Infrared Sauna


SOLD OUT - New Convertible Bundle and Hot Yoga Bundle coming soon!
62.10 LBS

Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle USA Near Infrared Sauna (DISCONTINUED)

This Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle has been discontinued and replaced with the Sauna Fix 110 volt Convertible Bundle. The all new Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent is included in this bundle and enables the user to sit down, stand up, or lie down while taking a sauna. The bundle also comes with the fixture for the sauna lamp, Breathe Safe ion generator,  a 2-ounce jar of Healthy Salt, a 16-pound bag of Baja Gold Sea Salt, two bamboo floor mats, two organic bamboo cotton throw rugs, and a pair of near infrared sauna eye protection glasses. Everything you need and more is included in this bundle for the best sauna experience. 

The following information pertains to the previously available ultimate bundle that is now discontinued.

The Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle delivers everything needed for the most effective, spa quality, home near infrared sauna therapy! The popular Ultimate Bundle features the energy efficient and low emf Sauna Fix near infrared sauna plus ten quality sauna accessories - including the radiant sauna tent and sauna ion generator - all rolled up into one therapeutic sauna bundle!

The Sauna Fix is a near infrared type of therapeutic sauna lamp. Near infrared is far superior to other types of sauna therapy. Learn the differences and the benefits in our Benefits of Sauna Therapy videos page. Some of the unique features Sauna Fix near infrared boasts include:

  • Blood shunting from side to side - You must use a rotating technique when sitting on the stool opposite the Sauna Fix lamp. Practicing this technique allows for vigorous blood shunting effects that promote circulation benefits and vasculates the skin so that water escapes - making you feel cooler. 
  • Lower ambient air temperatures and energy - Near infrared sauna therapy requires lower temperatures and requires less energy to operate compared to far infrared saunas. 

According to Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph.D., sauna therapy can also stimulate the production of human growth hormone. 

The Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle USA includes:

  • Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle USA 110 volt near infrared saunaSauna Fix® Near Infrared 110 volt sauna lamp, lamp travel bag, radiant sauna tent, tent travel bag, organic Bamboo cotton throw rugStay Safe® Infrared Protection Glasses, dry skin brush, brush travel bag, Poplar sauna stool, stool travel bag and the Breathe Safe® Ionic Sauna Booster

The Sauna Fix lamp weighs 12 lbs and measures 13.5" deep, 17" wide, and 23" tall with the guards screwed on. Light guards have been tested, inspected, and screwed on the base prior to shipment.  The metal is made of a proprietary blend of non-toxic polymers and metal. It does not hold in heat and will not burn people if they touch it. The Sauna Tent weighs 18 lbs and measures 4'x4'x5'. To lay down inside, you will need to buy a second tent and zip them together to create a 4'x 8'x 5' space.  

Learn how to hang the Sauna Fix in the tent with the rope ratchets, which are included as part of the sauna purchase. 

The portable Sauna Tent is made with radiant insulated tent fabric and is patent pending for its use of this material. The radiant insulated cover is a superior choice to cotton canvas covers and does not require any pre-heating. The insulation fabric consists of bubble wrap that is sandwiched between space blanket material and strongly retains all the sauna heat. You don't have to worry about any outgassing with the use of the Sauna Fix and Sauna Tent. Plus, there is no need for tools when assembling the lamp or tent frame. Visit this page for help in assembling the sauna tent.  The tent frame is also self-supporting, pieces together quickly, and disassembles easily. 

Before beginning your sauna session, we recommend using the Dry Skin Brush to help stimulate mucus expulsion and loosen up toxic matter.  Read more about the procedure for dry skin brushing here

Next, place the Poplar Stool over the Bamboo Throw. The stool is made in America with imported and domestic materials. The seat top and side of stool are hand painted with MILK PAINT, The milk paint is completely non-toxic, and seals the wood seat, so sweat won’t raise the wood grain over time. The stool remains in an unfinished condition otherwise, and can be left that way (or painted in a color of your preference).  We used General Finishes “LINEN” water based Milk Paint, made in the USA.

Set the Breathe Safe on the floor during each sauna session to inhale the beneficial negative ions that are supplied from this sauna ion generator. Studies show that sauna therapy is made much more effective with the presence of negative ions. Always wear the Stay Safe infrared protection glasses while in the sauna to protect your eyes from permanent damage. 

This fantastic bundle provides ALL of these accessories and their travel/storage bags for the best possible near infrared therapy! Save money and enhance your health with the ultimate sauna experience! Please note that the Sauna Fix does not include the lamp bulbs. See where to buy bulbs online for the Sauna Fix... This bundle is for the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. It ships in a split shipment of two separate boxes. Shipping is via FEDEX Ground and includes full coverage insurance.