Nutritional Balancing Show

Nutritional Balancing Show -

NB Show 10-14-15 The Coffee Enema  

NB Show 9-30-15 Thyroid Function  

NB Show 9-16-15 Plasma Air and Customer Testimonials  

NB Show 9-9-15 Learning Disabilities and ADHD  

NB Show 9-2-15 Weight Loss and Gain  

NB Show 8-26-15 How to and Why, Quick Tips  

NB Show 8-19-15 Retracing and Healing Reactions  

NB Show 8-12-15 Hypoglycemia, Disinsulinism, and Diabetes  

NB Show 8-5-15 How To Take A Hair Sample And Do The Program  

NB Show 7-29-15 Copper  

NB Show 7-22-15 Stress  

NB Show 7-15-15 Fatigue  

NB Show 7-8-15 Children's Health  

NB Show 7-1-15 Emotional States  

NB Show 6-24-15 Correct Way to Use Near Infrared Saunas 

NB Show 6-17-15 Types of Saunas  

NB Show 6-10-15 Ozone With Dr. Dean Lloyd  

NB Show 6-3-15 Nutritional Causes Of Insomnia  

NB Show 5-27-15 Nutritional Causes Of Allergies  

NB Show 5-20-15 Nutritional Aspects Of Depression  

NB Show 5-13-15 Candida Albicans  

NB Show 5-6-15 Basics With Dr. Larry Wilson 

NB Show 4-22-15 Hair Analysis & Wellness Revolution Problems