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In the 60's, Robert Atkins, MD famous for the Atkins Diet, temporarily lost his medical license after it had been reported that he'd cured breast cancer by applying ozone (o3) to the tumor. Dr. Atkins utilized his NY weekly broadcast show to publicize exactly what had happened. The resultant general public outcry pressured the NY Condition Medical Board to reinstate Dr. Atkins medical license, on condition that he stop applying or publicizing ozone therapy.

Its affordable to generate your own ozone with one of our Tri-Oxy ozone generators.  The Tri-Oxy PURE injects ozone gas into water lines so you can convert any plumbing fixture into a dispenser of ozonated water for a variety of applications.  With venturi injection the Tri-Oxy PURE creates up to .998859 milligrams of dissolved ozone per liter of water for cleaning your laundry, making food safe, and for adding an additional layer of safety for hand sanitation. 

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Ozone was initially utilized medically in the mid-1800’s as a sterilization method in operating rooms. Afterwards, it was employed as a remedy for a wide variety of illnesses such as tuberculosis.  We found "The Story of Ozone" by Dr. Saul Pressman very comprehensive.

Ozone is believed to be beneficial because it breaks down and gets rid of toxic compounds by burning them through the steps involved in oxidation.  Due to its ability to destroy microorganisms and fungus, many towns and cities purify their drinking water with ozone.

Ozone is considered an unapproved medical treatment in America, even though ozone generators and ozone therapy are being utilized routinely by physicians in Europe, Cuba, Asia, and various countries around the world and have been for more than a hundred years.

Today Ozone Therapy seems to have gained interest in the United States medical community in light of an increasing number of scientific and clinical research being released in worldwide peer reviewed medical journals. Many of the basic mechanisms of ozone in vivo are now well documented. How ozone affects the modulation of interleukin production and other biological pathways has been explained by a variety of different researchers 1, 2. This research has resulted in grounds for the utilization of ozone therapy in many pathological conditions related to pain, inflammation, oxidative stress, cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, acute infections and chronic infections. 3

Ozone is an excellent oxidizing agent and the EPA (4) injects ozonated water to decontaminate ground water. Ozone performs this process by oxidizing the cell membranes of pathogenic organisms and kills them. "The oxidizing effect of ozone is as follows: one molecule of ozone will kill the same number of bacteria that requires 3,000-10,000 molecules of chlorine for the same effect and ozone kills them 3500 times faster than chlorine" 5.

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