Ozone Sprayer

Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone Sprayer | Ozone Generator 

Look no further than our Tri-Oxy PURE machine.  The Tri-Oxy PURE has a 400 mg per hour ozone generator and produces instant on-demand ozonated water.  The Tri-Oxy PURE Laundry can be adapted into an Ozone Sprayer to improve health of all plants by controlling populations of bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses and insects. This machine acts as a portable agricultural pest control agent while promoting growth of plants by delivering the miracle of ozone through folar spraying.



Make it Portable!

Stop by the local hardware store and buy a few items and make your ozone sprayer portable.  Here are a few pictures and a video on how to do it yourself.  Remember if I can do it so can you. 



Benefits of the ozone sprayer include:

  • Prevention and treatment of disease with instant on demand ozonated water
  • Elimination or reduction of chemicals
  • Increased oxygen to enhance crops’ growth and health
  • Natural pest control oxidation through cell lysing
  • Microorganisms destroyed and regrowth slowed down without the use of chemicals
  • Quick ozone decomposition leaving no toxic residues

The Tri-Oxy PURE ozonated spray is effective against bacterial streak and bulb rot, and is an excellent preventive against fungal and viral diseases. With the Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone Sprayer, you can eliminate or greatly reduce the use of:

  • Bactericides
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Virucides
  • Pesticides

Ozone is Environmentally Friendly 


Ozone is certified ORGANIC and approved by the FDA and USDA!

Ozone Sprayer Applications | On-demand Ozone Generator

The versatility and low cost of the Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone Sprayer allows for multiple home and commercial applications.  The Tri-Oxy PURE ozone generator injects ozone into water at 400 mg per hour and achieves as high as 1 PPM (.99859 mg/liter) of dissolved ozone.

With the portable, energy efficient, micro pulse controlled ozone generator design, O3 gas is injected into water for rinsing, spraying and misting in just about any location.  Hook up to any water source!  Use a faucet or holding tank and make use of your existing agriculture spraying equipment.  Purchase extra Venturi tees and fittings to leave on different faucets, holding tanks and hoses.   Just unhook the silicone gas tube and carry your Tri-Oxy PURE Sprayer to the next water source. 


Use Ozonated Water Everywhere

  • Gardens
  • Greenhouses
  • Restaurants
  • Meat Processing Butcher Shops
  • Wineries
  • Pet Grooming
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Animal husbandry

Just imagine reducing your toxic chemical exposure! Spray and wash down everything with ozonated water including your animals.  Reduce the need for medications and miticides in animal husbandry operations.  Order your Tri-Oxy PURE ozone generator today.  The Laundry version comes with 3/4" hose thread fittings and will adapt to any faucet or hose.   

How to Get Started

Purchase the Tri-Oxy PURE Laundry.  The Laundry kit comes with 3/4" pipe thread fittings which adapt to standard garden hoses and sprayers.  You get two venturi tees and fittings in the Laundry kit and if you have more than two (2) water sources you can purchase additional tees and fittings.  

Learn how the Tri-Oxy PURE machine can be used as a portable unit with as many water supply locations as you want.  Don't worry if you don't have electricity near every water source, because the Tri-Oxy PURE runs on both 110 and 12 volts, and only consumes 6 watts of power.  You have the freedom to plug the Tri-Oxy PURE into an electrical outlet or to use a DC power adapter pigtail and hook up to a 12 volt battery.  Set-up a small portable battery box for your Tri-Oxy PURE or connect to your truck or tractor battery.

Vacuum and Water Flow for Misting

When enough water flows through the venturi tee vacuum is created and the Tri-Oxy PURE micro pluse controller turns the ozone generator on to produce O3 gas that is pumped into the silicone tube.  When the sprayer is adjusted to a mist setting not enough volume of water flows through the venturi tee to create the necessary vacuum to turn on the machine.  However installing a "Y" fitting solves the problem and the ozone generator will turn on.

When MISTING it is essential to install a "Y" with adjustment valves on the end of the venturi tee.

Adjust the flow of water through one side of the "Y" just enough so the Tri-Oxy PURE machine turns on, then use the mister off of the other side of the "Y".


Get creative with the excess water you waste through the "Y".  Water other plants, operate another sprayer, or refill your sprayer tank or skid holding tank.