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Tri-Oxy® FRESH 220-240V Water Ozonator


Dimensional Weight:
5.50 LBS

Tri-Oxy FRESH 220 - 240 volt Water Ozonator

This product has been discontinued. Please shop Tri-Oxy FRESH 110V here

The Tri-Oxy® FRESH 220-240 volt water ozonator is designed for International outlets and is excellent for supplying small quantities of ozonated water for drinking, cleaning counters and surfaces, washing hands and rinsing or preparing foods!  

Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms, instead of two. It is an activated state of oxygen that breaks pollutants down into simpler molecules that are less harmful. This hand-held machine uses high frequency and voltage to generate energy and attach oxygen molecules to create ozone. The Tri-Oxy FRESH is is a long lasting and high quality ozonator.

The Functions and Benefits of Ozonated Water

Best hydration combination to structure water and fill it with oxygen.

Ozonated water boosts oxygen and fights against bacteria. The daily consumption of ozonated water has been proven to increase oxygen in the body, which has a positive impact on human health. Ozonated water kills microbes in the bloodstream which boosts the body's immune system. 

An optimum oxygen level is also essential to human health because it is needed to maintain the body's elimination process. With optimum levels of oxygen present, the body is able to make better use of the nutrients it receives from food and supplements. Use the Tri-Oxy FRESH water ozonator for drinking water or to clean hands and food preparation areas. The shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be extended when it is rinsed, prepped and/or stored with freshly ozonated water! For adding even more benefits to drinking water, consider purchasing the Quantum Science Bio Disc 2 Scalar Energy.

Operation and Safety Precautions

The user's manual included with the Tri-Oxy® FRESH shows how to operate and trouble-shoot the machine.  Basic operation involves connecting the unit to a power source, pushing the power button, and then selecting an operation time by using the "+" and "-" keys.  It is important for safety that you exit any non-ventilated room while operating the machine.  Ozone will stop producing after the timer hits zero.  Please note that this unit is not for use in a high temperature environment that contains high humidity or oil content. The ozone effect can be reduced when the machine is used in such environments. 

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View the manual for the Tri-Oxy Fresh online here.