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Tri-Oxy® RE-ION2 Water Ozonator INTL


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Tri-Oxy® RE-ION2 Water Ozonator INTL (DISCONTINUED)

The RE-ION2 has been discontinued and replaced by the Tri-Oxy® FRESH and the Breathe Safe® Plasma Air Purifier. Both machines provide even stronger output than the RE-ION's 6 million negative ions. 

The following information pertains to the previously available ozonator that is now discontinued.


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The RE-ION2 is a fantastic multi-functioning machine that consists of both a plasma generator and ozone generator. The previous model of the machine was recommended by Jeff Rense, Dr. Dean Lloyd, and Dr. Bill Deagle. This new model features more attachments for more ozonating options.

Included with the Tri-Oxy RE-ION2 are: 

  • A Remote control
  • A Pump water bottle
  • Two Catheters
  • Adapter (1)
  • Three Diffuser stones
  • Three Silicone hoses

Visit this page to learn how to use ozonated water and this page to learn a simple way to keep the diffuser stone clean.

Plasma supplies negative ions to the air and is an even more powerful oxidizer than your average negative ion generator.  The RE-ION2 produces large quantities of negative ions, in addition to a few positive ones, for the most powerful reaction. The positive ions are neutralized immediately and the resulting energy purifies the air, while leaving an abundance of negative ions behind. Plasma is more powerful than Ultra Violet (UV) light and decomposes VOCs faster. This invention produces six million ions per cubic centimeter, which is about the size of a sugar cube. 

Ozone use is accepted world-wide due to its oxidizing power.  It is important to use it responsibly, since high concentrations of ozone can lead to irritated lungs and health problems. The FDA requires that we publish this ozone warning. The RE-ION2 discharges ozone at 400 mg/hour directly into the air, or through the hose to a stone diffuser ball. Ozone is fantastic for cleaning water, vegetables, and meat.  If used to clean the air, we recommend you exit the room while the machine is operating and returned once it has aired out. 

The RE-ION2 can effectively clean the air in a room that is at least 10' x 10' feet, without the need for filters. It is important you use the machine in a room that is at least this size, and also make sure to place it at least 5 feet away from your person. Ozone stinglets are created during the plasma production process as part of a chain reaction. You run the risk of inhaling too high of ozone levels by remaining within 2.5 feet of the machine as it operates. 

The plasma and ozone functions of the machine can run either independently or at the same time.  The plasma can run for a maximum of 8 hours, while the ozone can run for up to 30 minutes. 

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