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Quantum Science BIO DISC 2 Scalar Bio Energy

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Quantum Science BIO DISC 2 Scalar Bio Energy

This amazing Scalar Bio Energy disc works to maximize supplement potency, improve drinking water, rejuvenate cells, improve sleep and relieve pain. The health benefits of the Bio Disc 2 include:

  • Improved taste of liquids.
  • Energy – Drinking water frequencies enhanced.
  • Body – Raise available energy levels, and enhance immune system.
  • Extends life of Vegetables, fruits and meats.
  • Cells  Rejuvenation.
  • Blood oxygen  Increases levels.
  • Pain  Assists in relief.
  • Food supplements  Enhances potency.
  • Balances  The yin’ and’ yang’ to improve sleep quality.

SALE: Save an extra 20 percent off Tri-Oxy FRESH and BIO DISC 2 when you buy both togetherHow energy transfers to water using the Bio Disc 2

The Bio Disc 2 transfers energy by spinning liquid molecules counter clockwise. Simply pour spring water or freshly ozonated water over the Bio Disc 2 and into a glass before drinking. By pouring drinking water over the Bio Disc 2, the water picks up resonance. The resonance generated is very similar to what is naturally found in the Earth around many of the world’s healing spring waters. 

How to use the Bio Disc 2

There are many different ways to use the Bio Disc 2.

  1. You can pour beverages over the disc or use it as a coaster to add energy, improve the taste, and boost oxygen levels.
  2. You can place the Bio Disc 2 in the refrigerator, which will energize fresh foods for better nutrient uptake.
  3. Place the Bio Disc 2 in your bath water to improve body energy.
  4. Carry on your body to improve energy levels and to stop jet lag.
  5. Place the Bio Disc 2 under your mattress to improve sleep quality.

Getting the most out of an HTMA nutritional balancing program

During a nutritional balancing science Body Mineral Balancing program, it is recommended to drink spring water because of the natural energetic properties and minerals contained in spring water naturally. The second best water to drink would be carbon filtered. Carbon filtered water does not have natural energetic properties in it. However, by using the Bio Disc 2 with your carbon filtered water you can have the energetic properties that your body needs and get the most out of your nutritional balancing program.  Ozonating drinking water will add even more oxygen and remove unwanted impurities. Consider using the Tri-Oxy FRESH water ozonator to boost water oxygen levels significantly, and use the Bio Disc 2 to add balance and energy.