Quantum Science

Quantum Science Scalar Energy EMR & EMF Shields

Quantum Science EMR and EMF shields protect humans from harmful health effects directly caused by sun exposure, radio waves, and the daily use of devices that emit electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields. 

CURRENT FACTS about electromagnetic frequencies:

  1. The World Health Organization classifies radio frequency EMR as possibly carcinogenic.
  2. All UV frequencies have been classed as Group 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization. 
  3. At UV frequencies and higher, electromagnetic radiation is recognized to cause damage to biological systems and is most obvious in the "far" ultraviolet. UV frequencies, with X-ray and gamma radiation, are referred to as ionizing radiation, due to the ability of photons of this radiation to produce ions and free radicals in living tissue. Such radiation can severely damage life, and is more dangerous than the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Quantum Science EMF/EMR shielding devices reduce human exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation and fields. Quantum EMF shielding and anion devices use minerals and stones to neutralize poisonous positive ions, often combined with scalar energy devices that improve the body's electromagnetic field by interacting with DNA. Scalar energy devices help increase body cell voltage to the ideal levels between 70-90 millivolts.