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Sauna Comfort Bundle

For a limited time, the organic bamboo rug and organic fleece poplar stool cover are free with any Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle purchase. Offer ends July 5, 2017
7.00 LBS

Comfort Bundle - Organic Fleece Stool Cover/Throw Rug

This soft fleece throw rug and stool cover are perfect for use with the Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle. Both the 4' x 4' rug and cover are made from an 80/20 blend of custom mill, certified organic bamboo and organic cotton fleece fabric. The thick, fluffy material makes these products very absorbent, as they effectively retain the moisture from your sauna.

Place the rug on the floor of the sauna tent and the stool cover over the top of the seat of the Poplar Stool to shield carpet and wood from sauna sweat. This makes for an easy and convenient way to keep floors and stools clean, as both items are machine washable. Although one rug is included with every Ultimate Bundle purchase, it's nice to have a spare rug between loads of laundry!

Please note that bamboo fleece does shrink a small amount when washed. Machine wash warm, tumble dry, normal, high heat. The rug is approximately 48” x 48”, with 100% cotton binding. Both of these products are made in America. If you know how to sew, save money by purchasing a few yards of our Organic Bamboo and Cotton Fleece Fabric to make your own rug and stool cover.