Sauna Fix® FAQs

Sauna Fix® FAQs

Why should I choose the Sauna Fix® over another near infrared sauna? What makes it unique?

The Sauna Fix® system is the lightest-weight, safest, and least expensive NIR sauna on the market. It can be made portable with the Sauna Radiant Tent and used anywhere in the world. Patent pending features prohibit the competition from using travel bags for the NIR light panel, or from using radiant material with fasteners and an interlocking frame. Additional protected features include internal partitions and the convertible features that allow the user to stand, sit, or lie down in the same enclosure.

We have a verified buyer review system and each product has individual reviews posted that are quite positive in regards to product quality, ease of installation, and customer service. View the reviews under each product or view testimonials here. We have clients who owned competitor saunas, made the Sauna Fix® switch, and are ecstatic. We encourage potential buyers to do their research, and purchase the products they feel most comfortable with.

How can I make healing therapy with the Sauna Fix® even better?

Sauna Fix Therapy for Toxin Die-Off

We strongly recommend use of the Sauna Radiant Tent to eliminate the need to pre-heat before a sauna, as it immediately beams the infrared light all over the enclosure and retains the heat inside.

In addition, the Breathe Safe® (Sauna Ion Generator) adds ions back into sauna therapy. Users inhale 300% more ions than in published sauna ion studies, all without ozone gas. They also increase their oxygen by 17% in five minutes, and the presence of ions is super effective at dramatically reducing VOCs, particulates, and other contaminants that might be outgassed through the skin. Other saunas without similarly tested and certified materials may outgas chemicals that the Breathe Safe can neutralize.

Does the Sauna Radiant Tent outgas?

No, the tent frame is enamel coated metal, so that no odors outgas from the sauna.

What material is used to make the Sauna Radiant Tent?

The panels of the tent are made up of five different layers, including a nontoxic wood grain film, space blanket, large diameter bubble wrap, space blanket, and nontoxic film. The space blanket layer blocks wireless signals from home electronics, thereby reducing electromagnetic pollution. 

The tent panels are smooth and not porous, so they will not absorb toxic humidified sweat, like competitor products.  With porous materials like canvas, wood, and other fabrics,  humidified sweat and their toxins accumulate inside the sauna enclosure and are reheated with each use. Since the tent panels are smooth, they can be wiped down and easily cleaned, and the Breathe Safe plasma air purifier can be kept inside to break down sweat toxins and keep the tent clean and safe.  

The zippers are RoHS certified and toxin free, unlike zippers in the USA, which can contain large amounts of lead.   The film is polymer, not plastic, and the completed frame (frame, panels, zippers, and bags) passed RoHS testing. The R-12 insulation combined with the reflective nature of the space blanket material retains 95% of the heat inside the sauna.  The heat bounces off the reflective surface in the tent, and is not absorbed.

The tent poles are steel and are completely powder coated in a non-toxic RoHS certified, zero VOC, white color.  

The edging of the tent is sewn with organic cotton webbing, and the zippers are the commercial Y10 size.

How hot will the sauna get?
The convertible tent can reach 120 degrees within just 5 minutes. Insert the drop ceiling partition while sitting in the enclosure, and the tent can reach up to 190 degrees. If you do not use the drop ceiling partition, the temperature will reach somewhere between 120-190 degrees during your sauna session. We recommend purchasing a second Sauna Fix lamp to use with the yoga tent, which will allow the enclosure to reach up to 190 degrees.

The temperature is also dependent on where the tent is set up, i.e. outside on a covered patio in the winter versus in an unheated garage versus inside a bedroom. Whenever you set up the tent, rest assured your sauna session will be sufficiently hot. The radiant panels enable the body to sweat more at a lower temperature. The healing frequencies stay trapped inside the enclosure and cannot exit the tent. The skin stays exposed to the NIR rays over and over so that each cell makes more ATP and generates internal heat.

Can more than one person sauna at a time in either tent enclosure?

To fit multiple people, we recommend the yoga tent over the convertible tent. The yoga tent is 17.25 inches longer than the lie-down assembly of the convertible tent.  However, two people of average size may still sauna together in the convertible tent when it is assembled in its lie-down position. The occupants should lie with their heads at opposite ends. 

Is the Sauna Fix® made in the USA? Are any of its accessories?

The stool is made in the USA with imported and domestic materials.  The other products are manufactured in China with all materials tested, and 3rd party independent inspectors are sent to the factories to verify that Eileen’s standards are followed.  Go Healthy Next has less than a 1% defect rate on sauna products, stands behind them, and promptly takes care of any issues.  

The cost is much higher to produce products in the USA.  Since the polymer metal is imported and many components are not made in the USA, we would still have to use imported materials and assemble them in the USA at a much higher price.  Until RoHS non-toxic components become available in the USA, we can make a better, safer, more affordable Sauna Fix® system importing products that are built to high standards.

We are starting to manufacture in house for two new complimentary product lines, and will continue to make as many things as possible in the USA.

Is the Sauna Fix® UL approved?

Yes, the Sauna Fix® has UL component assembly design approval.  The finished Sauna Fix® was sent to the Underwriters Laboratory and tested in operational conditions. They verified every design feature down to the wire nuts, heat shrink tube, and zip ties, which were assembled in a safe and durable manner.

The UL listed registration annual license is kept current and the manufacturing process is inspected by UL inspectors during the manufacture of the Sauna Fix®. The Sauna Fix® also has Product Liability Insurance (active UL license required).

Is the Sauna Fix® RoHS certified?

Yes. Although this testing is not required for the United States, Eileen Durfee performed the testing to verify the proprietary polymer and metal blend is safe.

This certification is required to sell in the European Union.  The Sauna Fix® passed with flying colors, and achieved the ND (not detectable) rating, even though so many mg per kg are allowed and considered ultra safe. All the bags, tent, and tent frame were also tested and are certified to the RoHS standard. View all of the various Sauna Fix testing and results here.