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Sauna Fix near infrared lamp 220/240 volt BS


Ships M-F within 48 hours
31.00 LBS
Product Group:
NIR Saunas
Product Type:
Near infrared sauna lamp
220-240 volt BS plug
British Standard plug type G
Low EMF 3rd Party Tested Design

Sauna Fix® Near Infrared sauna lamp 220-240 volt, BS plug type G (DISCONTINUED)

This Sauna Fix NIR (near infrared) sauna lamp is fitted with an AC 220-240 volt capacity British Standard plug type G that makes it compatible with outlets in the UK, Ireland, UAE and many other countries.  

The Sauna Fix is the most powerful and affordable near infrared sauna available today. This new and improved version of the Sauna Fix has been designed specifically to meet consumer needs and supply excellent detoxification therapy.  Decrease chronic infections and heal your body with near infrared light therapy, which has proven health benefits including: 

  • Body temperature and sweat volume increase
  • Boosted metabolism, faster burning of body fat and weight, and faster muscle recovery
  • Faster detox of heavy metals and other toxins 
  • Increased energy and rejuvenated skin
  • Increased circulation and decreased pain

DIMENSIONS: The Sauna Fix 110 volt lamp fixture measures 34.29 cm deep, 43.18 cm wide, and 58.42 cm in height with the guards screwed on. 

The superior sockets of the improved Sauna Fix sauna lamp do not have metal inserts, and the threaded uniform light guards only require a one-time assembly onto the base. The frame is made out of is a proprietary blend of non-toxic polymers and metal that is safe to touch, so you do not have to worry about being burned from incidental contact with the lamp or light guards. 

Please know that the travel bag and pouch included with individual sauna purchases are the original black and red colors. 

Additional features of the Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp include: 

  • Portability
  • Lightweight design
  • No assembly required
  • Versatile enough to be used anywhere there's an outlet nearby
  • Limited heat transfer from the bulbs to the metal so it's safe to the touch

The Sauna Fix lamp can be bought to convert a FIR home sauna into a near infrared sauna! The Sauna Fix is CE and RoHS Certified, and contains all UL listed recognized components. Rope ratchets are included. (see: how to hang the Sauna Fix with the rope ratchets), along with a pair of NIR Sauna Eye Protection glasses with travel pouch. The red heat lamp bulbs required for operating the Sauna Fix lamp will be shipped separately from Therabulb. Independent laboratory testing has verified that these bulbs produce mainly red and near infrared energy in a range from 400 nm to 1000 nm, with peak wavelengths at 750 nm. 

Get even more sauna benefits with the Sauna Fix 240 volt BS plug Convertible Bundle which includes the Convertible Sauna Tent, this sauna lamp and sauna therapy bonus extras. 

 Light guards have been tested, inspected, and screwed on the sauna base prior to shipment. Take care not to cross thread and damage the light guards during assembly, which is excluded from warranty. 

Warranty Information
As of February 14, 2019, the Sauna Fix carries a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the sockets, electrical wiring switch, electrical cord, and any defective welds or threads or nickel finish. The customer may send in the sauna to be fixed, or request replacement parts.   This warranty does not cover cross threading due to improper assembly of the light guards, nor does it cover any misuse or abuse of the unit, such as crushing, dropping, or bending parts. The sauna lamp arrives with an extra socket so that, if there is a failure, the customer has the option of avoiding shipping charges by having the socket replaced by an electrician. 
Warranty does not include the cost of shipping to or from after 30 days.  Any damages acquired during shipping must be reported as soon as possible, but in any event not later than specified in our policy. The customer must also save all the original packaging, provide pictures of the damage so a claim can be made with the shipping company, and sign a claim form. Failure to provide the required items and sign the necessary claim forms eliminates our obligation for damaged product replacement and results in a denial of the shipping insurance claim.