Sauna Fix® Near Infrared Saunas

Save money and experience the full benefits of near infrared light therapy with the Sauna Fix! This is the highest quality, most affordable, energy efficient, and therapeutic near infrared sauna on the market.

How the Sauna Fix works

The Sauna Fix lamp produces red light, near infrared light, and mid-infrared light therapy.  The body's cells have a biological response to red and near infrared light, in contrast to far infrared light, which only creates heat stress by heating up the body’s water molecules.

DIMENSIONS: The Sauna Fix lamp fixture measures 13.5" deep, 17" wide, and 23" tall with the guards screwed on. 

What makes near infrared sauna therapy unique

Near infrared sauna therapy offers a host of fantastic healing benefits during every sauna session, including: 

Sauna Fix Lamp inside Tent

Near infrared sauna therapy is the only way to experience the added benefit of blood shunting, which doubles the circulation effects. Blood shunting takes place when the side of the body facing the lamp heats up, and the body shunts blood towards the skin’s surface as a response to the heat. The tissues are engorged with blood and water releases from the blood stream to cool down. This produces sweat. Near infrared sauna therapy features constant side-to-side rotation that forces the body to redirect the blood shunting back and forth from each side. The rotation has the added benefit of helping to avoid any burning.

Save time and energy with the Sauna Fix

Sauna faster than ever with the inclusion of the patented radiant sauna tent. No preheat is required and all healing frequencies are kept inside the sauna enclosure for optimal photo therapy! The lamp and tent are designed to work together to re-bombard the body with ideal levels of healing near infrared light. Sauna therapy is also made portable with the use of the lightweight sauna tent design. The tent panels are made from five separate layers, including nontoxic wood grain film, space blanket, large diameter bubble wrap, space blanket, and nontoxic film.

Save more energy by using the Sauna Fix with the Convertible Tent, which can be converted so a person can sauna in three different ways, or the large Hot Yoga and Exercise Tent, which allows a user to exercise or sauna with another person.

The Sauna Fix and all accessories are manufacturer UL, CE, and RoHS lab tested and certified to ensure user safety and the highest medical-grade quality. The Sauna Fix lamp and radiant sauna tents do not outgas any harmful chemicals or toxic metals during use.  

Sauna Bulbs Spectrum

It is impossible for a sauna to emit zero EMF since any product connected to power generates some amount of EMF. However, we have taken all measures to guarantee customers have the safest sauna experience possible. The sauna has been extensively tested and we have proof of its safety in form of our test results. Please take a look at the testing done on the Sauna Fix to ensure it is safe to use. There is no other sauna competitor with this third party testing to prove safety. In addition, there is no aluminum found in the light fixture's sockets.

Bulbs included

The purchase of any 110 volt sauna includes four Sauna Fix Bulbs, while other voltage sauna purchases will have four Therabulbs shipped separately and directly to your home.

The Sauna Fix offers optimal convenience

The Sauna Fix NIR portable tent sauna system requires no tools, no contractor, and no hassle.  Just assemble, plug in, and sauna anywhere indoors.

Jump-start the effectiveness of your fitness, wellness, detox, recovery, or nutritional balancing program with a Sauna Fix tent sauna system.