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Sauna Fix Radiant Hot Yoga and Exercise Tent

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Sauna Tents
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Hot Yoga and Exercise sauna tent
Indoor use.
Sauna, bulbs, and stool sold separately.

Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent

Double the size, double the sauna! This radiant sauna tent is perfect for hot yoga, exercise bikes, treadmill and other workouts of choice, but with the additional benefits of near infrared sauna therapy to help detox faster and burn more weight and fat. The open workout space inside the tent is roomy and comfortable for a single person, and the added NIR sauna lamp heat helps burn 4 times more fat and weight than exercise alone. The large tent interior exercise space can be quickly divided into two separate chambers (with an included center partition insert), enabling it to be used as either a standing or sitting position near infrared sauna tent for one or two persons. 

Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent Dimensions: 

Biohacker Todd Shipman practices Hot Yoga in the Hot Yoga & Exercise Tent

  • Full Size tent use during Hot Yoga and Exercise: 94.5" (7.87 feet) long/deep; 78" (6.5 feet) tall/high; 35.43" (2.95 feet) wide.
  • With Middle/Vertical Partition inserted during Near Infrared Sauna use in the standing position: this insert creates two divided chambers each measuring 47.24" (3.94 feet) long/deep; 78" (6.5 feet) tall/high; 35.43" (2.95 feet) wide
  • With Ceiling/Horizontal Partition inserted during Near Infrared Sauna sessions in the seated position: this insert downsizes the ceiling height (from 78" height in the standing sauna chamber) to the optimum 60" ceiling height ideal for maximum near infrared light therapy exposure.  

 Hot Yoga and Exercise Tent INTL (metric) Dimensions: 

  • Full Size (exercise or hot yoga): 240 cm long; 198 cm tall; 90 cm wide
  • With middle partition (stand and sauna) the vertical divider creates two separate chambers that are: 120 cm long; 198 cm tall; 90 cm wide
  • With ceiling partition and middle partition inserted (sit and sauna) creates a chamber that is: 120 cm long; 152 cm tall; 90 cm wide. These are the ideal dimensions for a seated near infrared sauna session with maximum near infrared light therapy benefit.  

The Hot Yoga and Exercise sauna tent's radiant insulated fabric allows the near infrared rays of the Sauna Fix (sold separately) to bounce throughout the interior without escaping through the fabric like cotton or canvas sauna tent types.  Due to the effectiveness of radiant fabric heat retention, there is no preheat required before sauna use.  The tent panels are made from five layers:  nontoxic wood grain film, space blanket, large diameter bubble wrap, space blanket, and nontoxic film. The space blanket layer lowers electromagnetic pollution by protecting against wireless signals from home electronics. The zippers are toxin free, unlike zippers in the USA which can contain large amounts of lead.   The complete product has passed RoHS testing.

The tent panels are smooth and not porous, and therefore, will not absorb toxic humidified sweat like competitor products do. Porous materials such as canvas, wood,  and others, cause humidified sweat and their toxins to accumulate inside the sauna enclosure, not to mention get reheated with each use. The tent panels can be conveniently wiped down and cleaned easily, and the Sauna ION Generator (not included) can be placed inside to break down sweat toxins and keep the tent clean and safe.  

Safety is assured with this fantastic tent design! The bubble wrap layer of the tent is completely sealed inside and isn’t exposed to the heat.  It does not heat up because of all the air in the bubbles.  It also doesn’t absorb heat, which bounces off the reflective surface. The film is a polymer and not plastic, and doesn’t get hot to the touch, only mildly warm.  It is all RoHS certified safe for the European standards, which the USA does not have. It is super safe for daily use and we even used organic cotton webbing.

The tent material has a Class A fire rating, which retains 95% of the heat due to the R-12 insulation combined with the reflective nature of the space blanket material. The poles are constructed from steel and are completely powder coated in a non-toxic RoHS certified, zero VOC, white color. 

No tools are necessary to assemble the sauna tent frame, which is made of sturdy, enamel-coated metal to prevent outgassing. The radiant sauna tent panels are composed of an eco-friendly space blanket material that is thin and flexible. The radiant sauna tent panels, unlike canvas or cotton tents, are also nontoxic when heated and will not outgas (emit) harmful vapors during use.  

The Hot Yoga Exercise Tent includes a bamboo mat that rolls up for quick storage and transport. The mat has a cotton canvas bound edge and radiant backing that increases durability while helping to hold in sauna heat. The mat's bamboo is naturally fumigated through a boiling process, and then carbonized under pressure by baking with high heat. 

The Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent includes: 

  • Sauna Tent frame with brackets and poles
  • Tent frame travel/storage bag and pole brackets pouch
  • Radiant sauna tent panels including:
    • (1) middle/vertical partition insert and
    • (1) ceiling/horizontal partition insert
  • Tent panels travel/storage bag with room for both the bamboo mat and brackets pouch
  • (1) Bamboo Exercise Floor mat
  • FedEx Ground shipping with full coverage insurance or DHL Express shipping available. 

Full instructions for how to assemble the Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent can be found here

*Be aware that natural bamboo does have a slight odor, however; the odor will dissipate after approximately a month. The bamboo odor is not a problem for most, but customers with chemical sensitives may wish to use organic cotton fleece (sold separately) instead of the Bamboo floor mat.  When using the mat for saunas in the seated position, be sure to avoid use of stools that have pointed feet as they can "dig in" and cause damage to the mat. To increase the longevity of the bamboo mat, try to evenly distribute your weight when sitting or standing. 

Warranty Information
As of February 14, 2019, the radiant sauna tent carries a 3-year limited warranty. This warranty covers the workmanship, zippers, and sewing for normal use. It does not cover misuse of the tent panels and components, such as ripped zipper binding, bent tent poles or brackets, and tent fabric punctures. It does not cover scorched or melted panels caused by improper sauna lamp use, such as placing a sauna lamp in direct contact with the tent panels, or neglecting to turn off the sauna lamp when exiting the tent. 
Warranty does not include the cost of shipping to or from after 30 days.  Any damages acquired during shipping must be reported as soon as possible, but in any event not later than specified in our policy. The customer must also save all the original packaging, provide pictures of the damage so a claim can be made with the shipping company, and sign a claim form. Failure to provide the required items and sign the necessary claim forms eliminates our obligation for damaged product replacement and results in a denial of the shipping insurance claim.