Sauna Wear

Sauna Wear

Organic Bamboo Cotton Sauna Hat for NIR Sauna

Complement your near infrared sauna therapy with exclusive products you can comfortably wear during a sauna session.

The Organic Sauna Hat not only covers your head and hair while using the sauna, but helps increase your core body temperature, so you will sweat sooner, sweat more, and maximize the benefits of every single sauna session.

The Castor Oil Body Wrap is constructed of non-toxic Polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric with a polyurethane film bonded to it. It is waterproof, breathable, and certified for use with food and baby products. It has wide straps to avoid the curling problem. You can wear in the sauna or sleep in it overnight, and it will not leak.   

Products coming soon include:

You will soon be able to multitask and take a hot oil treatment on your hands and feet while in the sauna, and follow up with an organic body wrap.  Be on the lookout for these up and coming products that will save time, and increase the comfort and benefits of your sauna!