Skin Care Products

Tallow Balm and Tallow Deodorant skin care products from Creatrix Solutions

Tallow Balm and Tallow Deodorant skin careTallow is a non-toxic, organic, and aluminum-free skin care product containing natural minerals and nutrients that heal, hydrate, and nourish skin!

Derived from the gently rendered fat of farm animals such as cows and sheep, Tallow Balm is a safe to use and long lasting skin care product that resembles the natural moisture in human skin. It quickly hydrates and replenishes skin that is dry, cracked, itching, or burning.

Creatrix Solutions' Tallow balms and deodorants contain vitamins A, D, K, and E, plus conjugated linoleic (Omega 6) and Palmitoleic (antimicrobial) acids, and are gentle enough to be applied anywhere on the body – including the lips and delicate areas of the face. 

In addition to Tallow balm, all Tallow deodorant is 100% aluminum-free and non-toxic, containing none of the harmful chemicals typically found in modern deodorant products! The antibacterial elements contained in Tallow deodorant allow your armpits to sweat naturally - but without the powerful odors - while the vitamins and fats work to simultaneously soften and visually improve the appearance of skin underneath the arms.