Slow Oxidation

Slow Metabolism Support Supplements from Endo-met

These specific formulations were designed and created by Dr. Paul Eck to work at increasing the metabolic rate in a slow oxidizer. Dr. Paul Eck found that the single most important factor in balancing minerals and detoxifying the body was to first improve the body's efficiency of converting food into cellular energy. A slow oxidizer has underactive thyroid and adrenal glands that do not produce enough energy to maintain normal bodily functions. It can be compared to starting a fire than just keeps smoldering and never really burns the wood to warm the room. Taking the correct quantity and type of metabolic pack and glandular supplements  are very important in restoring natural health. The only way to know exactly what the body needs is to get a hair mineral analysis test (HTMA), much like a farmer using a soil test to determine fertilizer and mineral application rates. Because taking radom supplements can have the opposite effect on body chemistry than desired, we really recommend learning more about hair mineral analysis testing, and using those test results to guide supplementation so detoxification and mineral balancing are optimized.