Spinal Fitness and Exercise

Spinal Fitness & Exercise

Spinal Fitness is NFL's best kept secret that helps professional football players maintain ideal curvature and avoid low back pain. An older version of weight stack machine and lumbar cushion have been used by the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, NY Giants and NY Jets for many years. Developed based on the theories of late Dr. John S. Scherger, our new product line honors his legacy and offers an effective way to fight low back pain and other consequences of poor posture.Spinal Fitness & Exercise - Weight Stack Machine

Way back in 1978 Eileen Durfee met Dr. Scherger at the beginning of his journey into spinal biomechanics and learned about his weight stack machine. It promotes and helps maintain ideal spine curvature by strengthening the interspinales and multifidus muscles. When your spine isn't using the facets (bone on bone) for strength, shear forces tax the interspinales and multifidus muscles and they often fail allowing injury, dislocations, herniated discs and spondylitis. To beat gravity, repetitive motion and tackles in football you must not neglect these muscles. To strengthen those muscles you need posterior support with a groove on a fulcrum, and anterior force while doing a sit-up. This trains the body to adapt and form ideal curvature. Training shouldn't be about body muscle overload but about getting the mechanical advantage and effective locomotion. Therefore, everyone should develop an S-shaped spine to have sufficient flexibility and live without low back pain.

Eileen Durfee was granted the Utility Patent for the Neck Shaper and the other Force Applicators that we will make available in the near future. We are currently working on the Back Trac, Neck Rolls, Lumbar Rolls, and Power Cushion that will be launched sometime in 2021. Stay posted for further developments!


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