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The Neck Shaper Kit

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The Neck Shaper Kit for Spinal Fitness Exercise

The Neck Shaper - How to Use

Everyone has experienced back pain at some point in life or knows someone who does. To REALLY eliminate low back pain you also have to fix neck posture. The secret to living without back pain is to train your spine to have the best shape, a shape that has the mechanical advantage in gravity. Those tight muscles are the body's attempt to keep the spine from drifting farther from the ideal shape. When your back is flat and your neck is forward, gravity is your enemy and the body consumes massive amounts of energy to keep your body from falling flat. Ever have tight muscles and feel fatigued? No wonder!
Using the Neck Shaper with resistance during the neck flexion exercise strengthens those muscles and really eliminates back pain. Neck Shaper has been developed based on the theories of the late Dr. John S. Scherger and his brilliant work and contributions to spinal biomechanics and strength training in the NFL which started with the New England Patriots and branched out to the NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys and NY Jets. We are strongly convinced that the equipment designed on the mathematical concepts of Dr. Scherger must live on!


Perform the neck flexion exercise with the Neck Shaper as shown in the chart. This is the only way to effectively end forward head posture, neck pain that occurs due to "text neck", and low back pain and get the mechanical advantage with the proper S-shaped spine.


Step 1: In standing position, with feet hip-width apart, keep shoulders down, back, and relaxed. Stretch neck gently backwards, looking up in a fully extended position.

Step 2: Hold Neck Shaper on face with or without bar/bands/weights, and apply gentle force.

Step 3: Keep applying force, and use neck muscles to move against resistance, and slowly drop chin to the level position. This is just like nodding your head versus pushing forward.

Step 4: With chin in the level position, relax muscles and push straight back with Neck Shaper, keeping the chin level.