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Spinal Fitness | Back Pain Relief 

Go Healthy Next is proud to introduce the theories of John S. Scherger, D. C. who received a patent for restoring curvature to the human spine.  Learn how you can acquire the posture that requires the least amount of strain on the muscles, joints and ligaments to give you back pain relief.

John S. Scherger, Patent for Restoring Curvature to the Human Spine

He mathematically demonstrated that the S-shape posture is mechanically superior in the upright position developing force and the proper S-shape posture provides superior strength and flexibility of the neck, low back and hamstrings which increases speed, vertical jump, and flexibility, resulting in stronger power and back pain relief.

His theories and patented invention provide a means where any individual whose spine has not been surgically or naturally fused can acquire the God-Given-S-Shape Spine.   

The New England Patriots, the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine & Research Center, The U.S. Air Force Academy, and numerous other professional, Olympic, collegiate, and high school teams and athletes are using equipment designed by John S. Scherger, D.C.

John S. Scherger, D.C. submitted  two courses to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) which were peer reviewed by scientists from the NSCA and accepted for continuing education credits.

Course #1

Spinal Fitness in Sports Medicine Series: Kinesiological Analysis of Human Spinal Development & Function in Earth’s Gravity.  Volume 1.

Course #2

Spinal Fitness Series – Spinal Core Stability Training & Treatment: The Restoration & Preservation of Proper Structure & Function. Volume 2.

In his courses he presented many premises related to spinal bio mechanics, spinal structure and function, spinal postural adaptation, spinal training and spinal treatment, using complete mathematical proofs.