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Dragon Herbs Gynostemma Capsules (100)

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Dragon Herbs Gynostemma (100 Capsules)  

Gynostemma leaf extract is one of the greatest dietary supplements in the world and a premium, quintessential adaptogenic herb from Southern China known in Asia as the “Miracle Leaf”. The primary active constituents of Gynostemma leaf are known as gypenosides. Being an adaptogen and antioxidant, it shares a remarkably similar chemical profile with Ginseng. It improves the adaptive response of a human being, helps us handle stress more efficiently, and supports the healthy activity of the immune system. It is traditionally used to help support and maintain normal healthy respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and liver functions.

This highly concentrated powdered extract is made from the purest, highest grade Gynostemma leaf, grown near the top of Great Immortal Peak, a remote pristine mountain in Southern China, without the use of any chemicals or modern equipment. It is grown with mountain spring water and natural precipitation. Most of the Gynostemma sold in the United States is grown at low altitude, usually around corn fields, as an adjunctive farm product. The water in these farms is not nearly as pure as the fresh mountain spring water that feeds the Great Immortal Peak Gynostemma plot. Also, the common low lying fields are fumigated and unnaturally fertilized. Dragon Herbs’ Gynostemma is grown in a completely clean, naturally fertile environment.

One Capsule of Dragon Herbs Gynostemma Contains:

  • Organically Grown Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract
  • Pullulan polysaccharide
  • Rice powder
  • Bamboo extract powder
  • Rice extract blend

Suggested Use: 3 capsules 2 times per day, or as directed by a physician.

How Supplied: Single bottles of 100 capsules.

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