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pH Test Strips

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pH Test Strips

Monitor your health with this all-inclusive pH test kit for urine and saliva.  The pH tests outlined below help reveal electrolyte deficiencies in the body. 

If your test results are not ideal, some ways to rebuild the alkaline reserve are to consume alkaline-forming foods, organic foods, vegetable juice, and maintain a clean diet. We highly recommend incorporating Healthy Salt into your daily regimen in order to raise your body's mineral reserve and pH. This delicious and nutritious miracle gives the body an abundance of minerals, and also alkalizes, hydrates, energizes, and detoxifies.  

How to use the test strips: 

You should wait at least two hours after eating to do a pH test. Compare the color to the nearest match on the bottle.  Use your best judgment to determine which color is the closest match.  Read on to learn what the levels of each test represent. 

Urine Alkaline Food Test

Before completing this test, you should devote a full day to only eating vegetables and their juices, 100% alkaline-forming foods. Do not consume any grains, fruit, dairy, meat, or coffee, and do not participate in vigorous exercise. The following morning, briefly place the pH strip in the urine stream and shake off the excess fluid. Wait 15 seconds to read the pH. 

7.0 or above: This is ideal. It signifies that the body has extra electrolyte reserves that it eliminates through the urine. 

6.5-6.9:  There is some electrolyte depletion, but it is not too serious yet. The body is both storing and releasing electrolytes. 

5.7-6.4:  More serious depletion of electrolytes is present. There is a greater amount of acid accumulation than alkaline reserve. The body may be destroying its own cells in order to retrieve the electrolytes necessary to keep the body functioning. 

5.6 or below: This represents a very depleted body that does not have a storage of electrolytes. 

Urine Acid Food Test

Before completing this test, you should only eat acid forming foods for 24 hours. The following morning, briefly place the pH strip in the urine stream and shake off the excess fluid. Wait 15 seconds to read the pH. 

6.0 or below: This is ideal. 

Saliva Test

Spit saliva into a clean non-metallic container or spoon, dip the pH strip into the fluid, and wait 15 seconds to read the pH. 

6.0 or below: This represents a seriously depleted electrolyte condition and may lead to problems. You should replenish your alkaline reserve and avoid vigorous exercise. 

6.1-6.3: Represents depletion of electrolytes. The level is low, but it may not be serious. 

6.4-6.8: This is the ideal level. 

6.9 or above: An outside factor, such as stress of excitement, may have skewed the results. Wait approximately one hour and try again. If the result is the same, there may be deep psychological stress that is causing metabolic stress. It may also be the result of infections, emotions, parasites, or previous drug use.

Lemon Saliva Test

This test may  be performed immediately following the saliva test. Squeeze juice from half of a fresh lemon, and mix it with two ounces of water. Do not add any sweeteners. Swish the juice once in the mouth before swallowing. Wait 60 seconds to read the pH. Then, take six consecutive tests and record each individual reading. At least one of the last tree tests must show a 8.0 to pass the test.

8.0 or above: This result is ideal and indicates positive health. It reveals that the liver has an adequate storage of electrolytes to buffer acids in the mouth. 

7.5-8.0:  Suggests that your electrolyte reserve is not full. 

7.0-7.4: There is some reserve of alkaline minerals, but not as much as is ideal. Work to increase electrolyte reserve. 

6.9 or below: This represents movement toward a chronic condition, with only minimal electrolyte reserves.